Today I... (brag thread)

Also flip to 360 unispin, flip to 90 unispin to 90 unispin, and flip to 270 unispin to 90 unispin. Flip in flat!

Today I froze a wart off.
And yesterday I asked a girl to homecoming… and she said no :frowning:
But I also met another unicyclist at my school yesterday! I am going to ride with him sometime.

I learned no footers and a no fotted tire grab today.:slight_smile:
Maybe do it over some stairs this weekend.:smiley:
Be tight if I could get it over that six set downtown.:stuck_out_tongue:

Why are you asking about homecoming so early in the school year. When is yours?

Maybe change the order of the first two and it will work out better :wink:

Went on a fun ride to the skate park with my friend. Didn’t really do much but still had a fun time. And I almost did a rev of stand up wheelwalk to 1 rev standup glide.

I filmed another good trials line today! I’m happy about how my trials is improving now. I’m learning tech stuff (skinnies, thin high posts) and some big stuff (high drops). Where before It was just basicaly hopping up ledges.

you’re too nice Pele… Can you ask Dan if he can come down to Portland on the 26-28th? It’s Portland Juggling Festival and Kaori will be there for sure, Kris might be there too but I haven’t heard anything back from him yet.

september I assume? He’s been pretty busy lately but next time I talk to him yeah I’ll ask.

yeah this month, you could come for it too if you wanted, Only $35 for the whole weekend and you can stay at my house for it if you want. Thanks… lol

today i did something I or anyone else has ever done before.
and got in trouble for unicycling on campus (should have watched for cops better)(There were about 10 other people on the whole campus)

What was it that you did?

next video
its not that off the wall, but i’m not saying till then.
(i have no idea when the next video is coming, could be a month or more)

Well in that case I shall wait impatiently.

180 unispin to seat wrap!



I also got my third hickflip, my first one where I landed back on the pedals and rode away after.

Also got 90-90-360

  • leg wrap to seatwrap and seatwrap to leg wrap

Then a super wrap!

Lol…I did my first all static flat combo…180 unispin to 180 unispin…I suck soooo bad at static, haha. And I got like, 43253249853924 180 unispins in a row trying to get this trick…Took an hour, blach.

Today I:

Edited this masterpiece: