Today I... (brag thread)

Here’s a picture from Pacific City, near Tillamook,-123.967838&spn=0.402065,0.513611&om=1


2 things

  1. broke my uni doing a 6ft drop
  2. before i broke it did 50cm seat in hop

Today was not such a good day. I ripped a bunch of ligaments in my shoulder. I wrote more here

Broke my seatbase doing 360 unispin of a drop :angry:
Not happy at all now.

Peter M

I got better at SIF riding. =p

This is my third day riding SIF, so im still kinda shaky on the technical parts.

I finished my new paint job to match my seat cover:

Jerrick, this might be a stupid question but what does SIF stand for. Thanks!

SIF is for Seat in front. Its just a style of riding you use mainly for trials. Watch some videos of Zack Baldwin or Ryan Atkins and you’ll see exactly what it is.

Oh, thanks! I know what seat in front is, but i didn’t realise thats what SIF standed for.


Today is too earyly to post anything about riding, as i have not yet ridden.

last week i learnt to grind consistantly and pulled off about 2.5 metres on a horizontal pole and one and half (biggest i could find) on a slope.

Took some gnarly footage too :slight_smile: natural trials on the rocks! it was gnarly. unfortunately i did not get any of the grindage on tape. I did not trust the cigarrette toting, bad language bearing skatboard enthusiast to not bugger off with my camera.

Today I…

Went from ground to bench without the use of pedals. Rode with one foot for at least 10 revs, and almost got the 360 unispin.

Donkey kick, score!
once i get taht seat from,
Ill hit some doubleflips on my lighter unicycle, cannot wait, because my flips have gotten a lot faster doing them on my DX.

-acid drop
-360 hoptwist
-rode a few revs on a skinny pipe

  • landed my first grind down a rail at a skate park.
  • dropped in on a quarter pipe.
  • came within cm’s of landing a 360 unispin
  • and landed(well kinda) a crankflip. i caught it to late and it slipped out from under me.

I won the uni race at the Jones Center Jugglefest in Arkansas a couple weeks ago…that’s all I got.

…and it was stacked in my favor at that…me on a 26 against a 20", 24", and 28" that the gent couldn’t stay on. Still, I have the certificate, d@mmit! I am a GOD!

Today I landed my first full outflips. Yeah!

o an i just landed a 28" SIF hop…my highest ever

i also can juggle while riding one footed, with either foot

Today I got my Monty Eagle Claw, very nice. Although it’s not as easy to ride rails on, probably because there’s still a lot of tread that needs to be worn down…my reasoning works for me.

Today I did 83 cm rolling hop, my best so far. Before that, it was 75… I think it’s a great improvement.

And yesterday I landed one foot unispin landing on one foot…

I’m proud of me:D


Yesterday I rode four or five revs backwards; it was my first day seriously trying to ride backwards, so I was happy. It’s been raining all day today though, so I couldn’t ride today.