Today I (brag thread) V2

The Today I… (brag thread) used to be a great thread, but because of the errors it’s not near as good anymore. So here is version 2.

today i landed my first 180 unispin and 60cm side hop

Today I…
killed a man, just to watch him die.
sorry I couldn’t resist:o

Ha ha, how was it. Always fancied trying this myself! :smiley:

On a serious note, today i asked the cleaning girl at work to go for a drink friday (she said yes!) Oh and she’s a model :sunglasses:

Oh and good idea on the V2. I was kinda getting annoyed with V1 :slight_smile:

You lucky €#*~£

Thanks! I’ll keep you posted on how it goes anyway, maybe i’ll have a bit more to ‘brag’ about :wink:

I got so annoyed with it that I stopped posting in the thread.

Today I will… have no time for unicycling :frowning:

But hopefully in the next few days I will say “Today I learned how to ride one-footed”

Yeah i quite fancy trying to nail that one…I tried wheel walk i failed miserably but 1 footing seems a tad easier :slight_smile:

Funny, I can wheel walk but not one foot. Keep at it with wheel walking, it is definitely worth it.

Not on the plums when the uni gets stuck underneath it isn’t…How high should i have the seat for trying anyway?

Remember i’m on a crappy 20" trainer wheel too.

I learned to ww on a very low seat on a 20" with a trials tire. You can do it.

The first thing I always have to learn with new tricks is how to fall from those tricks without hurting myself. For wheelwalk, if you lose your balance, instead of removing your feet from the tire, just let yourself tip over and then walk out of it. The injuries will come from trying to eject too early from your uni during wheel walk.

Right i see…I’m gonna give it a go as soon as i can tear myself away from the forums!

That may not be till tomorrow :smiley:

Today I… Ordered a WTB stout 2.3 for the 29"

Today, an 12 second still stand, and a pedal bite in my shin from trying to ride one-footed. That’s all I get to ride today, but the stillstand is my best so far =/

I’m sure there’s a saying out there…

Once bitten twice…something or other :smiley:

Well done on the stand still btw, good going!

Very good Dane my record is 30 sec

Yesterday I rode for the first time in a while (like actual serious riding instead of just messing around). Landing a few tricks that I’ve been working on for a while, so yipee! Thats my brag :slight_smile:

The other day I unicycled past Folsom Prison. I took a picture of my uni at the sign out front. Got to get it out of the camera and posted… :stuck_out_tongue:

For WW you need to lean back more, so if you’re falling off the front, lean back more (like w/ most things).

To keep from falling on your but/head, when you fall off let the uni crash and put your feet down off the back. It’s kind of like the uni takes off leaving you just standing there.

and ww is all about the twisting hip motion too, it took me a while to find that crucial part out.