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Want a t-shirt with a unicycle? Today is the day at! Last time they sold a uni tee, I was glad someone posted on here about it, so I thought I’d share. I don’t know how many of you are familiar with the website but every day they have a t-shirt that sells for $10+free shipping. Tomorrow it will go up to $15, so don’t take too long to make up your mind.

Cool shirt. If they got the order of planets right I might have bought it.

(Why is Uranus between Mercury and Venus?)

Is that a “Sun” Unicycle? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m sure if I were juggling a bunch of somethings they would not stay in order (of course, I would be dropping them all over).

I ordered one. Middle school students will appreciate the theme. Thanks for the heads-up, Biggestbtc.

Ha… Uranus is behind… Everything :slight_smile:

omgawd i <3 this shirt

ordered :stuck_out_tongue:

Uni Shirt


Is it supposed to be the universe? Because that’s just the solar system.