To Zed from Max

My video response to Zed’s video for me. Filmed fall 2010 in Los Alamos, NM and Golden, CO.
Music: Exploration by The Karminsky Experience

Zed’s Video:

My Response:

Hope there are more from “Z” to “M” or vice versa’s commin’
Really loved them both…!

How can you be so good at those flip tricks from the 4-5 sets… and ofcourse the trial and stuff is sick to !!

Nice responds :slight_smile:

Wooo!! :smiley:

Amazing riding all around by both of you. In this one it’s much more apparent how much you are enjoying yourself :sunglasses:

Straight beastin’.

Outbacksideflip down the 4 was sick.

Hahaba that was awesome! Nice response :smiley:


Fantastic videos. Well done both of you, eh? and thanks for sharing.

Awesome videos!:slight_smile: Max, you look better on your uni than your bike:p

Very nice! it’s kinda strange how you gap on your bike,i loved the line where you hop over the wall and grass then treyflip the 4 set.You’re the only person with any kind of flow these days

your so crazy max. thats awesome. zed is cool too. :slight_smile:

Wow, awesome trials and street! great video:)

goodness sake… Max you couldn’t be anymore Kris Holms’ gold star sponsored rider if you tried. I am sure that he sees a video like this put out by you and sheds a tear while saying " sniff Go get em’ Tiger"

Zed, max is my hero too!

Great vids Zed and Max!
-Max i think its great how you responded to Zeds callout, hopefully it really inspired him and gives him a great urge to ride!
Always inspiring watching your vids.

Max video was far better than Zeds video!

Zed had bad filming, bad quality, and it was too short. Max win by far imo, he did some incredible stuff, and the best ZED did was jumping over a small piece of wood.

I don´t know what you other guys think, this is just my opinion…

I liked Zed’s more. More originality. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know about anybody else, but I love this about the uni community. For example, if a pro skateboarder was some little kid’s hero, the pro would never release such a face-melting, rad skate video for just that one kid. But here we have one of the best in the world, doing just that. Max, you rule. :sunglasses:

totally agree with you on that!

haha and awesome video, i bet that zed will be a beastly trials rider now just cause of this:D

plus zed totally sounds like an awesome trials rider name to :sunglasses:

i agree I could see many people saying zed when referring to the best trials rider soon to be :smiley:

Great riding, filming, editing, but I dont like the fisheye lens; Its hard to tell how big those gaps are.

I like that its Zed to Max and then a response, but it would have been better named Max to Zed. I thought your video was a 2nd Zed to Max.