To those in WA...

I have been infrequently posting on this site during my stay in Iraq, and now that I am about to return to the great state of Washington, I’d like to know who’s out there in the Tacoma area. I know of the Uniques, any other clubs start that I don’t know of? I’m looking to get with other riders so I can learn, I’m still barely entry-level. I can say I’ve learned how to ride out here, but not very well.

I’m on the other side of the country, but would like to say welcome home.

I live in Port Orchard! Wazzap?

You may have to start the SSUC: South Sound Unicycle Club.

I know 50 miles each way is a hike but you’re alway welcome to a Tuesday nite practice with the Uniques.

Come on up for a Gasworks afternoon with the Seattle area riders or invite us down your way.

Are you on the Seattle area e-mail list? Send me a PM if you need the signup info.

Safe travels back.

Can I get the info to get on the Seattle area e-mail list? Gasworks isn’t too far from my house, I ride by there fairly often on the Burke Gilman Trail. I’d love to come by and see some other unicyclers for my first time.

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The man is just coming home from Iraq. Maybe you guys could make a few trips down to ride with him too! :slight_smile: I would do my best if it were a little closer for me.

Welcome home!

Send a message to unicyclers(AT)iunicycle(DOT)com and remove the obvious spam stoppers. Tom Jackson runs the list and can hook you up.