To the woods! New Vid

Hi people, here’s a short Muni and mountain boarding video… enjoy! :smiley:

Comments appreciated too.

That was really cool. Nice editing.

I found out just how useful maguras are too, some of those hills would be pretty impossible without it lol.

Bump :smiley:

Nice riding and filming.

Good work fella.

Made me think Frodo and Sam riding and rolling. Cool and fun vid.

Excellent video.There just isn’t enough muni vids on this forum but this one evens the balance a bit.:slight_smile:

Cool vid. There should be more Muni vids, although I know from experience its hard to make a muni vid interesting.

You should have ridden down the gravel pile!


very good vid
very strange though because on sat the 24th of jan i went “to the woods” on my muni with magura along with one of my friends who was on his mountain board :astonished:
keep up the good work

Yea cool vid, looked like fun, nice looking woods you have there. You definatly should have tried riding down the gravel pile, or did you?

There will probably be one more soon, as soon as I can find my disc with premiere on it, I have the footage but nothing to edit it with.

I’ll make some more dont worry :wink:
I’ve discovered just how fun muni is now I have my magura :smiley:

I will one day lol, But it was as high as my house, and your feet start to bury themselves :astonished:

WOW! scary lol :smiley:
I will keep up the vids, theyre fun.

Ok, you’ve just made me really want to fix up my MUni, Oh and get some maggies of course:p

Thanks for the comments people. I am the other guy in the vid

It was a cool day, epecailly because it was my first saturday off work for a yr :open_mouth:

The magurers are awsome :stuck_out_tongue: even better knowing that i got 2 sets of HS33’s for free:D

2 sets! You bloody charged me! Oh well lol… Still need bleeding properly and the wheel needs truing loads. Good thing I know someone that works in the LBS :roll_eyes:

how did you get them for free?
and nice vid.

I got most of mine free from a teacher at school, but the lever was broken so I bought a brand new one cheap (ish) off of livetouni… who is clever.

did I just say that! :astonished:

Holy Crap(Cool)!!!, Mountain boarding?
I haven’t seen any of that since the days of Rocket Power!

haha, its not that old! Mountain boardings only been around about 10 years i think.