To the Minneapolis Unicyclist

On a brief visit to Minneapolis in 2006, while walking downtown I happened to have a unicyclist stop and wait for a red light with me. That was the first and actually only time I have seen someone commuting on a unicycle. I asked him about it and he explained the benifits of the workout. A few days after that chance encounter I ordered a Torker 26" and have been riding ever since.

My primary interest in the sport was to improve my running, which I did. I finally qualified for the Boston marathon. I once read to run most efficiently you should imagine you are riding a unicycle. Well, after talking to the Minneapolis unicyclist, I realized I could do better than imagine, I could cross train on one.

Thanks to that chance encounter with an unkown unicyclist, I am not only a better runner but also having a great time unicycling. And I have taught my son to ride as well.

So, if you are out there Minneapolis Unicyclist, Thanks!

Awesome story.

The Twin Cities are FULL of AWESOME unicyclists. Not just because of their riding, but because they are wonderful people.

My experiences with the riders there have been nothing short of fantastic.

Glad to hear you’re working on getting others to ride too!

Might be useful to know that unicycling is also very useful in the case of some injuries that make running problematic/impossible.

Due to a long standing right foot planter issue, i’m unable to run, but can happily do regualr 2 hour uni rides.

Also, after my recent unicycle accident-

though I’m still limping, I did a 1 1/2 hour ride on the unicycle this afternoon :slight_smile:

Nimbus 24’’ Mountain Uni For sale

Greets guys,

I am in the area and this uni is for sale right now for $200 if interested. Craigslist is here for more info: