to Phil Just you

could u please give me some more infos about your nimbuses II like the
equipement the sizes of wheels and hubs… telle me what kind of fun do
you have with muni sport race trial freestyle…
thanks a lot

Ok, folks, this message was for Phil, Just Him. What is the big number doing in the “Views” column?

Oops, my view is in there too, isn’t it. Sorry, Mr. Just Me :slight_smile:


Yeah, what’s up with that? People don’t respect other people’s privacy anymore.

Me, just me? Cor, I feel special… wow. (Heh… I’m probably the last to read it though; I’ve been in Bristol all weekend…)

I have two Nimbus 2 unis; the newer one is a smaller 20"x2.5" wheel, the other is a 24"x3". The 20" I use for trials; the uni(versity) is made of concrete so there’s loads of little fun bits to jump around on. The larger one is my mud tractor; again there’s a small patch down the side of campus with a currently really muddy little trail and some totally random concrete steps, so that’s quite good for practice.

I don’t do much freestyle stuff, but when I do it’s usually at the university juggling society; a sports hall with a smooth floor and loads of people just in case I do something stupid is good. And Miark (I know Roger knows him, but I dunno who else) who turns up now and again and shows me up completely by being just too good at all manner of crazy tricks.

I’m trying to find some bike trials riders in York; I know there are some, but I’ve never actually met them except for a brief second when coming back from the station tonight, when they came literally flying down some steps past me. Most impressive.

As for other dimensions of nimbus II unicycles, especially hubs, Roger and is a better starting point than me… somewhere they have an image with accurate hub dimensions on, which may be what you’re looking for. (Like this one, in fact)

If there’s anything else I’ve missed out, ask again, or see if anyone else has any more to add. Out of curiousity, why Just Me?

Incidentally… I found another “just me” quote today. Army of Darkness (truly genius film!)…

King Arthur: Are all men from the future loud-mouthed braggarts?
Ash: Nope. Just me, baby… Just me.

What that says about me, mind, I shall leave to the interpretation of the reader.

Phil, just me, baby… just me. :slight_smile:

Re: to Phil Just you

THx alot You have all answered my questions and I’m gonna buy a nimbus 2
frame in 28’’ and wille put the yellow rim double wall i have and see if it
isn’t too much big
it was phil just U coz I vanted to be lighted by you and you always sign “me
just me”

Jeff Not just me but all the people in my head

Re: Re: to Phil Just you

No problem… :slight_smile:

You assume my “just me” isn’t just a sign of denial… :smiley:

Phil, just me… or is it?