$$ to get normal brake mounts installed?

Tried to find this via search, I’m sure someone will link me to it.

Anyways, has anybody had brake mounts installed on a frame that doesn’t have them to start with? And if so how much did it cost you?


Find a bike shop and ask for a local welder for brake bosses. They’ll send you to the closest frame builder. He ought to hook you up for like $65 more or less. You’ll have to handle painting afterward. Unless there is a bolt on system out there. It depends on what type of brakes, if you use maguras, UDC has those mounts too. but a frame builder has typical bicycle brake bosses on hand. What type of brakes are you going to install?

I was just thinking of magura’s. Might just be worth it to upgrade to a nicer frame that has em already.

That’s smart. the cost of a new nimbus frame is cheaper than welding on stuff and painting it, especially if you’re working with a chrome plated frame.

I’d opt for another frame, UDC has the muni frames for a reasonable price.

Another options is to drill hole in the frame over the tire and mount old bike brakes. I did this installation with a 36" and it worked well. The cost of the brake setup was only about $20.


Well to be honest, the track monster frame seems kinda weak, I’d be hesitant about welding or drilling it at all. I’ll upgrade to a KH or nimbus eventually when I start to do gnarlier stuff. Hopefully the steep downhills will build my legs better too. That’s my one muscle group that doesn’t feel strong, the downhill muscles are really weird.

if it was a custom frame I might consider adding on mounts but if it is Track Monster… just replace the frame with a Nimbus (or upgrade to something better if you are feeling spendy).

My friend did it by himself, he has a welding machine (he’s the one that welded my hub). It is probably cheaper if you get a new Nimbus frame with brakes mounts unless you know someone that can do it for free for you. I’ve had my KH frame rewelded last year, the neck was broken right at the crown, it cost me 80$ for the job.

I know there are threads specifically for this but…

I have a black Numbus frame with brake mounts that I would be willing to sell for cheap. It has some starches but is structurally sound. Also it is missing a bolt, but you can have the seat post clamp too. I would say $40 and with shipping.

PM me if you are interested.

Handy tool for this job:
I had several projects here where I needed to add Magura four bolt mounts to Bike forks and a unicycle frame, so I milled out this inexpensive jig that makes getting the mounts on straight a little easier - for a range of fork widths. You can tack weld or braze the mounts in place while they are attached to the jig, then remove them from the jig to complete the welding from the other side. you still have to get the distance from the axle correct, which isn’t an easy or fun job, but with some careful measurement (using the assembled wheel and a brake slave cylinder clamped in a mount and braze-on), can be done in a few minutes.