To encourage the noobs.

Here’s a video that may encourage some of you newbies.

I’ve been unicycling for 30 odd years. I married 6 years ago and acquired two fine sons “ready made”.

Here is Adam, who quietly taught himself to ride when I wasn’t looking. We now enjoy occasional rides together along easy forest paths.

This weekend, we went to visit him at university and he asked me to take up the unicycles as he was keen to show me the local BMX track.

This is Adam’s first ever ride on any sort of bumpy track - and he nails it. Being young and fit, he even managed some parts of the track that I struggled with.

He has not devoted hours of practice to the hobby, it’s just something he does when he gets the chance. If he can do it, you can. :slight_smile:

gschwind11 in Switzerland has made as much progress in one week, as I have made in 2-years.
At least the fun and enjoyment is still there for me - even if my fitness is lacking.

Like Adam - I am a part time unicyclist.
Work, weather, and old age seem to be getting in the way of the important stuff - i.e. practice.
Thanks for the reminder - I need to get out in the back yard later today.