To Coker or not to Coker, that is the question!

Hi everyone,

I am a college student in Florida where it is very flat, and just learning how to ride. You may have read my previous thread where I got overwhelmingly supported advice to get the Torker LX. I ended up finding a great deal for a 24 inch off-brand for 30 bucks. I thought I wanted the 24 in to get across campus, but now that I can ride it I am contemplating getting something with a larger tire size so I can get to class MUCH faster without sweating up a storm. What do you suggest? Brand? Size? Coker? Other? Would getting short cranks make much of a difference? I do not want to spend a lot but am open to ideas. Would a 26 inch be big enough? It’s only 2 inches bigger than the 24 inch and I know they go bigger. Thanks so much for any advice that you give! Your previous advice helped so much and I am finally getting a handle on riding!

Matt :slight_smile:

Shorter cranks can make you go much faster. What length are you on at he moment?

Cranks are so cheap it’s probably worth a try.

hmm, try short cranks, if that doesn’t help alot, mabey either a coker, or a 29er.

don’t think of a 26er as two inches bigger, think of it as 3(or so)inches more per pedal stroke.

How do you check what size the cranks are? I bought it used so I don’t know. The cranks are 7 inches long. What is that in uni terms?



whew, 7 inch cranks are pretty long - I see why you’d be sweating up a storm.

usually, when people talk aout cranks, they use millimeters - according to google, 7 inches is 177.8mm

if you want to get around quickly, but want to spend as little as you can to do so, I recommend the Sun 28". I have one and it is very fast, not as fast as a Coker, obviously, but I can cruise at 10-12mph without much difficulty. add to that longer cranks, 150mm or so, and you’ll be hauling ass.

You measure crank length from the center of the axle hole to the center of the pedal hole, usually in millimeters


A 29er is cheaper than a Coker and gives you a chance to see if you like big wheels. I took the path:

  1. 20" uni with 140mm cranks (yes, that is a bit long for a non trials / muni setup)
  2. move to 100mm cranks - quite a bit faster
  3. get a Nimbus 29er - takes quite a long time to get used to the big wheel and feel really confident riding round town, but it is faster
  4. get a 36er - much more expensive, since I got such niceties as alloy cranks, airfoil rim, etc to ensure I didn’t need to upgrade in future. I was sure I’d like this uni. I could freemount and ride comfortably almost immediately (the 29er practice helped lots), altohugh it took a few weeks not to do random stupid things occasionally.

I’ve now got two “road” unis, but I’m going to solve this problem by making the 29er a fast cross country uni, with a knobbly tyre and slightly longer cranks.

I was happy with this progression, as the 29er was a cheap way to test the waters, and get used to big wheels. With short cranks, a friend of mine has since reached 17mph on it - he does ride very fast, but it shows they can move quite quickly.

My philosophy for Cokers is to go all or go none; that is, if you’re going to buy a Coker, get the works. Airfoil rim, short cranks, high-end seat, etc. If you can’t afford these niceties, then the experience won’t be the same. Since you say you don’t want to pay a bundle, just go with a 29er. Nimbus 29" is something I’m hoping to get in the next couple months, and that’s only about 230 USD.

my friend just got a Yuni 29er and it is really nice look into that.

My progression was similar, without the freemounting immediately, the ensuring I don’t need to upgrade and the not doing random stupid things occassionally bits.