To buy a Torker LX or DX..

Hello everyone,

I’ve done a few searches of the forum, and all I can find about the differences between these two models is their feature differences (splined cranks, better rim, etc)

I was wondering if someone could tell me if there is any difference in the way you use these different models?

I understand the DX is used for trails and I think the LX is for freestyle, is that correct? (as a side is freestyle riding on pavement - going fast, doing 360’s and small hops?)

However, my main concern was if the DX can do everything the LX can? Freestyle on the street, and go fairly quickly?

I’m looking for a unicycle I can learn on and grow into. I’m around 6 feet tall and weigh around 215 lbs. so I was looking at the more sturdy DX. But, once I learn I’d be more interested in riding on the street as opposed to the trails - while still keeping the option open to go on the trails if I ever wanted to.

Would the DX be a go choice for me?

Sorry for all the questions, but I appriciate your time and advice.

Thank you,

Mike West

You can ride on the road on a DX. The only uni you might not want to ride on the road with would be one with an expensive knobby tire, which the DX doesn’t have. Conversely, the LX can be ridden off road, the only problem is that it’s a bit weak, so it might break when doing drops.

Freestyle is generally considered to be various tricks or skills put together into a routine or just done be themselves. You could probably do most beginner freestyle on either a LX or DX, though the DX might not be as good, because it’s heavier.

In my opinion, I would get the DX. You probably won’t break it, and it will be fine for both riding on the street and on trails, and can be a decent freestyle uni. It also has a much more comfortable saddle. I think it sounds like a DX will be a perfect uni for you.

I bought an LX and learned to keep my balance within a couple of days. Now I can turn pretty good, and go pretty far before tiring out. This weekend I was at a soccer tournament riding in the woods and on the grass with no problems. For your purposes, which are basically the same as mine, I think the LX is fine, and cheaper.


If you have the money, definitly go for the DX. Everything is better about it. You can ride freestyle on it, ride on the sidewalk and the trails.

Freestyle is basicly like flatland unicycling. Doing tricks without the tire leaving the ground. The LX wont be too good for jumping, although you can certanily hop on it.

THe DX is MUCH stronger, its a little heavier but I dont even notice that.

A 20" wheel is better for tricks/freestyle/hopping, a 24" Goes faster and is the usual size for offroading.

Get a 2005 DX. The 2005 model has a wider frame to accomodate a wider off-road tire.

At your weight (215 lbs) a splined hub will be better.

Thanks for the reply everyone. It looks like most people are suggesting a DX so that’s what I’ll aim for.

Thanks again for all your help, and I look forward to being a member of this community :slight_smile: