to brake or not to brake

I want brakes,i do off road, does anyone use brakes or recommend/advise on brakes, I ride 24 nimbus muni,thanks any help would be great

Well, for starters: lots of information.

Did your Nimbus frame come with brake mounts?

For Muni, I hardly used mine. All I did was break the handle on UPDs.

Keep it simple.

A search would have come up with all the answers you need. You would have even noticed this thread title has come up before.


ok thanks

thanks for the advise,yes i have brake mounts on my frame,I just love that look of the 24 in KH muni w/the brake setup on udc,man that looks sick.Im just hooked on this sport I guess

if you ride lots of very steep downhills, particularly on loose terrain, get brakes. if you don’t, don’t. If you like the look of them enough get them anyway, you don’t have to rationalise your choice to anyone but yourself.

That’s right. If it’s about looks, you don’t need our approval. If it’s about function, brakes are mainly for riding down long or steep hills. If you aren’t getting sore knees, or having hills you can’t make it down, you don’t need them.

I love my brakes, but then again, I ride nothing but hills. Not much flat stuff around here, despite what some think.

thanks guys

ok thanks guys for the help,i love this sport