To big for a 20" ???

I just purchased a 26 " uni so I wont be riding my 20" as much but here is my problem. I have a 20" torker CX and was a little worried that I might be to big for it. I have the tire’s pumped up to 55psi and it said on the tire that the max pressure was 45psi. but when i hop on the thing it looks low? Is that normal for uni’s? I am afraid that I will pop the tire and do a faceplant.
Any suggestions:)

UNIman7 out

Forgot to put my weight. about 170 pounds

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170 is not really that heavy and compared to a bike you put twice as much weight on the tire, it is prety normal for there to be some buldge in the bottom of the tire. If you want a higher pressure tire it is easy enough to just replace the tire with a higher quality BMX tire.

dw about being too big on a 20. look at shaun, he seems to get his massive arse on it.

Bottom line. the Torker CX ins not made for hoping… I dont know if you meant when you get on the thing, or actually were talking about hopping with it. You do not sound too big for a 20" what so ever.

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Sorry Eric, had to do it, seriously though, love the content you add to the forums!

Not sure about the Torker CX, but I sure don’t feel too secure riding a 20" Gravity, feels like I’m going to break it at 200lbs. Rode a buddies 20" KH, felt just fine.

Both getting on it and hopping

This is not the Radio :smiley:

Dont you be so certain.

My daughter’s Torker CX came with a skinny tire. I forget the size, maybe 20x1.75? Anyway, noticably smaller than the LX with its 20x2.125" tire. You might check if you can go up to a bigger tire size with it, which would help some. The frame is not as wide as the LX, but still has some room.

And I would say that thing is not meant for hopping, especially with the little tire that comes on it.

The 20" size isn’t the problem, I’m bigger than you and a 20" works fine, although a bigger wheel would speed me along some. :slight_smile:

Is the frame not good for hopping or are you talking about the tire?

I meant the whole thing. Not that I’ve broken one of each to see how they compare or anything. But the CX appears to be lighter built than the LX, and most of these guys that are doing any jumping around to speak of are on something higher quality than an LX.

I just checked and yes, it is a 20x1.75 tire.

yeah, the cx is really designed as a starter uni for children (hence the small seat), they’re not very strong at all. You may be too big for the cx, but anyone can ride a 20". a good 20" wheel will be stronger than any other wheel you can get