To all the unicyclist - help me get a scolarship

Hi there,
I’m starting in scolarship contest that bases on how many votes you’ll get through facebook. So I’m asking for yours and yours friends help, since it’s only 9 days left and I need a lot of help. I need a camera and new unicycle, so I started in this competition, because it’s the easiest way to get. I’m really counting on unicyclist community, since it’s so little of us in this world we should support our goals :slight_smile: and mine is to get a new uni, cause I practicly broke my old one.
I’ve been working and traing a lot lately that’s the why I waited with this till the end.
Please send it to yours friends, cause it’s only few seconds spend on voting and for me every single vote counts.

Here’s what you do:
-You’re clicking in this link
-You have to scroll down the page so you’ll see on the left a facebook button that says “Zaloguj sie aby oddac glos” which means “Log in to vote”

  • You click the button
  • You’ll be asked if you’re giving permission to this app to use your facebook info (all in polish probably, but don’t panic) and you should allow it so it could connect with your facebook account.
    -You’re going once again down the page to finally vote by clicking PINK button with a HEART that says “ODDAJE GLOS” (I’m giving my vote in english) down left and I’m getting your support :slight_smile:
    ATTENTION - Facebook “LIKE” button doesn’t count as a vote, however you’re welcome to click it as well so yours friends could check it out as well :slight_smile:

Please invite your friends - it’s only 9 days left and I really want to win this, and I can achieve it with few seconds of your time spent for help.