to all Canadians

I have noticed that not all of you know about udc canada so this is to tell all of you who dont know !

bye bye now.

Yep and just so everyone knows, the guy who runs this shop, Pete Van Theil, is a very trusted uni dealer.

When I cancelled my order for my N36 from UDC USA due to high duty and brokerage fees, he called me later the same day offering to be the middleman in the transaction in order to save me money.

ya this guy is real good to deal with!

They are also top supporters of the unicycle community and donated quite a lot to OUI this year.

They are certainly a store to look out for.

Also why are they not listed on the gateway page for UDC yet?

ya that must cost then allot of business bu that’s y I started this Tread

When I met and spoke to Peter at RTL he said that Canada’s flag and name would be up on the gateway page on July 17th if I remember correctly. Pretty safe to say that you will see it soon.

Go Canada!

Peter, you rock.

I have met peter, visited his circus school in Calgary, and can tell you that he has put an absolutely immense amount of effort into promoting Unicycling and the circus arts generally in this country.

He has definitely earned, and will definitely appreciate, our encouragement.

I recently learned that he helped put together a team for ride the lobster. Now you tell me he contributed to OUI… he is also sponsoring young canadian unicyclists, and has put together unitube… he is a growing giant of canadian unicycling.


Peter is a king among men

Peter won’t stop bringing up my weight problem in the support van…

He sold me my N36 though :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m glad to see UDC CA come online, I ended up ordering often from the US. It’ll be great to have a customs free place to get udc gear in canada.

thanks for the comments

Hey guys thanks for the posts - so far starting the UDC canada store has been a blast.

to answer about the UDC gateway link - this will go up upon our new stock coming in from the factory - At present it is said to arrive on the 25th of July - but it may be a day or so off.

I am actually so excited about the container of stuff to unload.

nope I think It’s us who need to thank you you a really nice guy to deal with and you give the best costumer service ever .!!!

Nic Fillion

Wow, when did they create this??? I’ve been a canadian udc for a while now :slight_smile: thanks!

Whoo Hoo! Go, Pete, Go!