Sometimes I have too much fun!

Some time ago I decided to make some Profile splined hubs. The hubs turned out just so-so … the fit between the splines on the axle and the splines in the crank is touchy and hard to control. I’ve given up on making Profile splines for now but I’m still tinkering with other ideas.

During my “Profile Phase” I made a titanium axle with Profile splines. I don’t have much experience machining titanium and the splines didn’t turn out well. This axle sat on the shelf until last weekend when I was making an axle with square tapers and decided to try re-machining the ti axle to a square taper.

The machining went pretty well so I decided to make a whole hub - axle and hub shell. As usual, I photographed the various machining steps and put them in this gallery

I’m not done with the hub. I still have to drill the shell for the spokes, make a key for the keyway and assemble it. The remnants of the Profile splines are kind of weird and that’s where the bearings will be. I’m not sure if I’ll press a 40mm o.d. x .750" i.d. bearing on the splines or turn the splined area down to 17mm for a 40mm x 17mm bearing.

Also, I’m not exactly sure what I’ll do with this hub after it’s done but I have an idea … stay tuned!


So cool. I love to see the shots of the lathe working.

Hey Steve

I have decided to beef up a Coker for 24 Hours of Adrenaline. That hub might be over-kill, but I had been considering the double-wide Suzue until I saw your thread. Will your Ti hub fit a Coker frame? I have a custom chromoly frame, but it’s dimensions are the same as the stock.

I concur, you are having way too much fun!

As always, thanks for showing the step by step pics. It’s great to be able to see these things as they come “to life”. Will the spindle/shell connection be a press fit or will you be using some sort of bonding substance?
A shop like that is one of my “Lottery Dreams”.

  • Frank

Steve, that is one sweet gallery. Watching you work from Profile to Square was awesome. What is the hub material? --chirokid–

That’s pretty fancy!


Why do you need a 2 piece hub? Would having it all one piece solve those keyway issues?

Is it weightsavings?

Frank, your stable of custom unicycles is a “lottery dream” for most of us!

And yes Steve, thanks for sharing.



That was funny, I guess you got me there. Actually, my 26" Hunter/Profile Muni was what I bought with my share of the winnings from a 5 out of 6 number LOTTO ticket I won with a few of the guys at work.
I’m trying so hard to limit myself to four uni’s but with all this cool stuff going on it’s tough!.. must…stop…

  • Frank