Titanium welded 2008 KH MOMENT ISIS hub .. read in

I’m thinking of getting one.

Who rides one currently? I’m not talking about the new 2009/2010 Ti hubs with the alu flanges.

I want to know about the titanium welded ones that came out in 2008

,. But I heard people ran into problems…

Like this^

I heard a guy called Nathan Tappin also ran into a different problem like the spindle wasn’t properly done and bearings or something ran into issues

ANYONE else ran into issues or know of issues?


Do the flanges bend AT ALL like the cromo flange hubs?\


I’d also like to know about this :slight_smile:
especially the flange bendage

I have one but I’ve only had it for like a month so I haven’t put it through a lot, Its on my trials uni, my one seems to be fine, But I know Joe Dyson broke his one (after a huge drop to flat Is that his one above)… yea I think there quite good for the price.

So did Kris warranty that hub? what happened in the end?

I’m riding one and it has no cracks on it, I love it! As far as I know Nathan Tappin had a few problems to fit it on his frame(Triton) when he got it but he’s riding it and he has no problems with it now. I really love mine, that model looks way better than the newer one IMO.

Joe Dyson’s one got replaced for free as far as I know

It’s a nice hub, but the price tag is a bit too high. Light, yeah, but people buy it because it’s titanium and it’s ‘coolness’. Fair enough.

However, paying that much for a single product, it’s gotta be damn near perfect, quality-wise and durability-wise.

I am curious, how many other Ti KH hubs ran into these issues? And from a totally honest to God standpoint, for those that own the hub, is there any sign of flange bending/weakness like the blue and black welded Cromo KH Moment hubs had?

That one cracking is very disappointing, I hope it’s not an issue that others ran into.

I too am interested to hear from those who already ride this hub

After nearly 2 years of abuse my hub still looks like new :slight_smile: No cracks, nothing bend.
Pictures say more than 1000 words:

As I said above I’ve only had mine for a short time,but no sign of it bending or braking

Found this. Lighter, stronger lower profile flanges, less likely to bend. Neater. Damn it’s still pretty expensive though.

One other small advantage I found of the Exceed over the KH Ti: crankstops! KH hubs need these. Small, but it is necessary on all splined drivetrains. Keeps everything more solid and stiffly stuck together.

The Exceed’s flanges are closer together too. Which is great, stops people from needing to worry about some frames not fitting wide flanges.

From a totally unbiased point of view: the Exceed is more aesthetically pleasing, the welds look cleaner too.

The only reason one should go for a KH Ti over the Exceed is to support Kris.

Or if they want taller wider flanges. Yah I think Kris pushed the flange spacing a bit too far but I think he had the right idea of going as wide as possible before spoke rubbing. Fancy after-market parts need to be compatible with other people’s equipment though.

I am not sure if those small flanges on the Exceed hub are such a good idea though. They are probably fine for small trials wheels but you loose some ability to efficiently transfer torque with the larger wheels. Also does anyone know if you can lace an exceed hub 4X without the spokes overlapping the adjacent spoke head? Or would people need to go with 3X? Also not a big deal but I would not like to have to pull the bearing to replace a spoke.

Why is it not on your uni?

Broke my rim :smiley:
New one is coming soon :wink:

that exceed hub seems a lot nicer. I hate the fact the flanges are so widely spaced on the KH ISIS hubs. Makes it so easy to bend with a bad jump, while the K1 hubs have always been closer in and mine has never bent in nearly 5yrs of abuse! In fact it’s the only part of my uni that hasn’t broken!

I have two 2008 KH Ti Moment hubs, one on my Nimbus Titanium freestyle 20" and one on my KH24. Both are going strong with no problems.

I can confirm that Joe Dyson’s hub was indeed replaced free of charge.

From a wheelbuilding point of view the Exceed hub’s flanges are poorly designed. You’d have to pull off the brand new bearings in order to insert spokes into the spoke holes! Pulling off bearings damages them and they should not be re-used. Therefore you’ll need to order an extra pair of bearings with this hub when new and every time you rebuild the wheel.

Jiruga - what do you mean ‘crankstops’? ISIS axles are slightly tapered and spacers will keep everything in its right place

My bearings must be totally screwed.

To be exact, pulling bearings by their outer shell damages them, since it’s the inner shell that is semi-bound to the axle, and the bearing races take the stress of removal.

If one found a way to pull bearings by their inner shell, or all at once, no damage to the bearing would occur.

KH welded Ti hubs are a flawed product. I asked a few peeps and got some more cases of breakages. Shame. Ah well… no wonder KH switched to his new Alu flanged versions.

oh and the new and old KH Ti hub look ugly as sin.

Exceed ftw…

I mean crankstops as in a spacer that can sit between the crankarm and the bearing inner race… so it stops the crankarm further sliding along the spindle… thats the problem my friends KH Schlumpf hubs ran into cos there were no crankstop spacers