Titanium Unicycling

It was a beautiful day out, and I decided to make a video of me just riding around on my new Triton. Not much muni in this…mostly just enjoying the scenery. :slight_smile: I also tried practicing balance lines for the first time!

Thanks for watching!

Fun! There were some cool angles in there.

  • I can give you some advice on hops. You’re on a uni, not a pogo stick :slight_smile: Slow down and concentrate on synchronizing your handle pull with your hop.

Wherever did you get that triton frame from?! :stuck_out_tongue:
And the seat :wink:

Anyhow, cool video. You at least made it interesting with the different angles and perspective. Decent editing. If you don’t mind me asking what recording device did you use? Gopro I would think? I was thinking of getting one in the future.

I also notice you take quite a bit of time to put on your gear. I’m the lazy type. I just wear my house clothes, put on a helmet, wrist guard, maybe shin pads, a water bottle and a towel for the sweat and I’m out in 2 minutes or so.

There’s a lake near me, once I get better at dealing with the traffic, I plan to ride there often and do some of the trails there. I’ve only been there once with a unicycle. I use to cut class and hang there to burn time. Sitting in a quiet area, a light breeze, some squirrels looking at me like I’m a big nut :roll_eyes: , it gives me peace in a not so peaceful life.

Makes me want to be a hermit sometimes, but that’s just me I guess.

Very nicely done! Looking forward to more.

Thanks! Can you explain that a little more? Sometimes I can hop a lot, other times I can’t even hop once. I slowed down a couple of fail videos last night and noticed my dominant foot ends up rotating too far, so it forces the wheel forward and throws me off. Should I be focusing on the handle instead of the crank positions?

I used a GoPro Hero 3. I LOVE it. I got a ton of different mounting pieces, so I can pretty much get whatever angle I want. I would recommend getting the wifi back display thing with it, because otherwise you’re stuck pushing the buttons to change the settings, rather than using your phone to do so. The display also allows you to review what you just recorded. I don’t have this yet, but I plan to get it eventually. As far as all of the gear goes, I’m paranoid of getting injured and then being out of work, and I work in an ER so it would be extra humiliating to go the ER as a patient on my day off. :slight_smile: So I’m being as careful as possible. I use G-Form pads, which take some time pulling on, but once they’re on they don’t move a bit. The spine protector is just because I have arthritis in my lower thoracic and lumbar vertebra, so I need to avoid letting anything hit/penetrate my back (e.g., rocks, roots). I have to say, I seem to take a lot more risks with the gear on than without. Yesterday I rode to the grocery store with just a helmet, and I was so scared of falling and getting scraped up that I ironically had more UPDs! I think all of my gear has become a bit of a safety blanket for me. :slight_smile:

It was nice just enjoying the sunshine with the ducks today. I think every unicyclist is a bit of a hermit; most of us ride alone, and that alone time can be the most relaxing part of the day.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

I’m learning to hop too and had the same issue.

I checked your video again. I see what Dane is talking about. You sorta hop too fast. Like, try to pace it. I think a lot of issues we get during practice is that we try to rush it and it just messes the trick up. Like when I was learning riding backwards, I really went fast to keep myself up and I thought I had it by counting distance but when I slowed down, I was able to make more precise movements that really actually helped me learn it. I then notice that I really didn’t have to go fast to enjoy riding backwards and riding slower helped me concentrate on precise moment and balance.

It’s also like going forward. When you first start learning, you try to ride really fast forward to keep that balancing going (a wheel that’s rolling is less likely to fall sideways in a sense). But once you learn how to ride forward and start riding slower, you then notice that you didn’t need all that energy and speed to keep yourself up.

That’s why nowadays when I try to learn stuff, I chill back and sorta let the movement guide me and I pace myself out more. Like when you hop, try to balance a bit longer before you make another hop. Maybe your injury that you talked about has something to do with it a bit, maybe it makes you nervous so you’re hopping more desperately to keep balance not to mention like me, you’re still learning it. You’re partially losing your footing because of the untimely hops. You don’t let it soak in, you don’t let things calm down before you do your next hop that’s why it’s throwing you off and you’re unable to keep equal force on each leg. Premature hops is killing your jumping rhythm.

As for standing on your pedals, just make sure they’re parallel and just practice applying equal force to each side. Pretend that you standing on the pedal and hopping is like you hopping on the floor. As for me, during the learning, I just concentrate on holding the handle so that my foot doesn’t slip off the pedal, but other than that, I don’t pull it as roughly as I did when I started. I would also think that hopping on flatter grounds would be better than a bumpy area.

So while you hop, see which way the unicycle is leaning towards and get ready to bend towards that direction and hop over there to regain balance.

It’s night time over here so I’m just typing away and spacing out and trying to relax. I hope you take what I say as just me reflecting on my own flaws and just thinking about the whole process and just trying to “hang” with you in this thread, I do get overly talkative and tend to ramble on during the night hours. I think you’re doing fine and we both should keep practicing to be better at it. I don’t speak on behalf of Dane M, I speak from my own perspective as a fellow learner.

:slight_smile: thanks! I guess tomorrow I’ll try to slow down. I was reading Kris Holm’s book on muni and trials and he says there needs to be a relaxed phase just before jumping. I guess I’m skipping that phase. Thanks!

Read over what Kris says about hopping in his book, it’s good stuff. It might take a few reads before it starts making sense. An important thing for me when I learned to hop was that I had to constantly remind myself that the unicycle was now part of me. It is an extension of my legs. So instead of trying to jump up (and off the uni) with my legs, I have to use the unicycle as well. You have to push the tire down into the ground first, then push up and pull on handle (don’t need to pull hard). Correct tire pressure will help a lot. Not too much pressure (rock hard tire, bad) and not too low (flat tire and damaged rim!) right in between will be bouncy. I think kris talks about rolling up to a curb or something else with an edge to properly check your pressure. Your rim should never be making contact with anything.

You can thank me by uploading a video titled “How To Bunny Hop Like A Pro”


Good luck to us both on that.

Ok. When I have another day off I’ll just practice hopping. And I’ll bring kris’s book with me! :slight_smile:

Nate123 quote “I also notice you take quite a bit of time to put on your gear”

It only took her 38 seconds to gear up. I wish I could get dressed that quick :smiley:

Looks like a nice place to ride. Thanks for sharing UniBri.

Some days it seems to take me an abnormally long amount of time to gear up. If I can, I try to put on some gear before I drive to my location. Socks, Shoes, Riding Shorts, Jersey. Then when I get there I’m not so antsy while gearing.

Great video! I especially like seeing the prep phase for getting your gear on. I got the G-Form elbow pads partly on your review and they’re quickly becoming my favorite of the 6 or 7 pairs I have. I finally tested them in a real fall and they were great. I’m considering getting the knee pads. Have you fallen on them, on a large rock for instance? I’ve had several serious falls on my knees and the other knee protection I have has done well but I find the KH Leg Percussion Armor to be bulky and hot and my Demon Hyper X Knee/Shin pads never seem to dry out.

Great vid - really fun to watch and looks like a great place to ride. I pretty much want to go live in that caboose though. :smiley:

Haha, I stand corrected.

She even did her hair!!! :sunglasses:

I haven’t fallen hard on my knees yet. Every time I fall I somehow manage to fall on my hip and shoulder. I think I need some G-Form shorts and tee now. :slight_smile: I did fall on my elbow the other day and it bruised. When I looked at my pads, they had slid down. I got them for Christmas, and unfortunately my dad had ordered one size too big and didn’t have the receipt, so I expected them to not protect me well. I think I am going to start wearing compression sleeves over the elbow guards to keep them in place. :-/