Titanium Triton 24 for sale

Muni is in excellent condition. Triton Titanium frame. Very light Mad4One hub, Gazzaloddi 24/3 tire with 100 #1000 Grip Studs (http://www.gripstuds.com/1000_Tire_Stud.php), light tube, KH 24 Freeride rim, KH Fusion saddle, KH ISIS Spirit 137 mm cranks. Magura White Rim Brakes HS11. Used it to ride the frozen lakes in winter and for light muni in summer (with no spikes, of course :).

Located in Tallinn, Estonia.

Looking for EUR599, plus shipping.

Please write to masterton2006 [at] yahoo.com

Price reduced to Eur499…
I hope a new owner can try the studs - they make this uni special in winter time… Not to mention the titanium frame and the light hub.


Any idea what shipping to the US would cost? 95461

I will check it today and let you know.

The postal fee from Estonia to the USA (in a solid cardboard box filled with foam chips or film to guarantee the safe delivery) will be ~50-60 Euro…According to my experienve it takes 2-3 weeks. Tracking adds about 2-3 Euro, I guess.


Sounds good how do I pay you? Paypal? Do you want to send a Paypal request? Insurance for the shipping? shipping with a tracking number.

Hela nice price for a hellava nice Triton!:wink:

PayPal is good. Give me your mail and I’ll do the request. Tracking number for sure, the exact cost of insurance I will be able to know at the post office.


Jjlwall@yahoo.com is my email.(707)217-6618 Jon

Jon, it looks like the post is working tomorrow. I will find an appropriate box and precise the delivery cost with insurance and tracking.


Right on. looking forward to this new muni.

So, in the nearest bike shop I found a strong box which the disassembled uni fits in. Added some additional cardboard to make the box even more solid. I did my best to cover all the parts and guarantee them from scratches, dents or any damage. The exact transportation fee from Tallinn to the US of this box is 62 Euro, the full cost insurance adds another 25 Euro (tracking included). Please let me know if it is OK with you - will send you the Paypal request.

Triton unicycle

Sounds good. Go ahead and send me the request.

My wife has just sent it from her PayPal…


what is your email? I want to paypal to email.



Should be all set. Sent you money maybe an hour ago.Stoked to finally ride a TI MUNI. Now I just need to sell my KH24 to help offset the cost.

Sold and sent!

Details of the kh24?


I will post pics next week. I don’t want to be without a muni. I was waiting until the triton shows up before posting the KH24. It is the one in my picture riding down the steps.