Titanium Spokes?

Anyone used these? UDC now offers them (maybe they did before and I never noticed)

They’re awfully expensive at 3 bucks a spoke, but are they strong?

they’re strong enough, but they’re also not needed. A good set of stainless will last just as long and won’t rust either. The only appeal to titanium is a (very) slight decrease in weight. Probably less than 30 grams.

Titanium spokes are weak. Do not buy.

Titanium spokes are strong but titanium can stretch over time especially if you keep a lot of tension

Someone here doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

Either way, one word isn’t going to help much.

How about “strong enough for road riding” or “too weak for muni”?

How about some anecdotes about your personal experience with said product?

Let’s try and help the OP, not blow smoke up his arse.

I don’t know about strength but from what I hear you need to use brass nipples with titanium spokes. Using brass nipples instead of aluminum alloy nipples negates much of their weight advantage.