Titanium Muni built by Vulture Cycles

Here’s a quote from the http://www.vulturecycles.com/ web site:

Munis- Mountain Unicycles

Ride one wheel in the dirt!

Titanium Frame 20" thru 29" wheel $750 Ready to ride

There’s plenty of clearance for a 3.0" tire! Call to order

Anyone have a Muni based on this titanium frame or just an opinion about


Ken Fuchs <kfuchs@winternet.com>

Odd that his bikes are steel and his unis are titanium. If he’s good with titanium why not offer titanium bikes too?

Isn’t titanium QUITE heavy, though?

haha no~!

titanium is superlight. Dan heatons frame is made out of titanium cause its so strong and freakin light,

sorry, i’m an idiot

Re: haha no~!

We should get an engineer to clarify this. BUT if titanium was equal weight (density?), but stronger than steel, you could get equal strength with less mass, resulting in a lighter structure.

I just emailed him to find out if he can furnish some pix. I even gave him the link to this thread.

I am curious. I am due for an upgrade.

I will let post his response if it comes to me.

It is my understanding that Ti is very light, very strong, but has a lot of flex to it. Of cause my understanding is that of someone with no expertise in this field. Some one else care to add?

Daniel xcv


Availability in all forms
Comparable cost to other high performance materials
Ready weldability and machinability
Weight saving - as strong as steel, but half the weight
Fire and shock resistant
Favourable cryogenic properties
Bio-compatibility and non-toxicity

got that from some titanium site.

if it’s half the weight of steel but the same strength that amazing, i’m sure some of the alloys will be designed not to have flex and be much stronger than pure titanium, just like 6061 aluminium is alloyed , i think, with magnesium and silicone to give it better properties.


Re: Titanium Muni built by Vulture Cycles

I may have heard of these frames before, but not a titanium one. There are so many people out there building and riding unicycles that we don’t know about, so it’s hard to keep track anymore. Guys in Colorado, guys in Oregon, Arizona, and who knows where else?

The idea of a ti frame is very cool. Of course I would be a little more interested if the guy had a picture or two of it on the site. It looks like he’s set up for word-of-mouth orders, from people who have already seen his product. The square tubing thing on his bikes sounds a little odd, so makes me wonder how experienced a framebuilder he is.

I own a carbon and an aluminum frame, someday titanium will be added to the group!

i recieved an email from Wade at Vulture cycles about Ti unicycle.

Greetings Jagur. I wonder if you caught the OPB Oregon Field guide
show on
unicycle dirt riding?
My friend Eugene is going to sell ti frames for me now, Im not going
offer them for sale directly from me because I hate dealing with
parts. I have plenty of bike stuff to worry about. The frame has a
crown(which you can view at Dirtuni.com It comes with Ti .875" legs,
collar welded on dropout and Ti seat tube. Mine rides pretty cool.
posted a pic on unicylist.com. Maybe well run into each other some
Or feel free to come visit.
cheers, Wade

from that i gather that they will look just like the CrMo uni’s on www.Dirtuni.com

there is no sign of the picture he mentioned and there was not one attached to my e-mail.he most likely forgot to attach it to his “dirt riding on the 22nd element” thread

picture in gallery

like I said, theres a pic in the gallery right now, first one as of 11:20 bent organ time.
chips and Salsa! Wade

Re: picture in gallery

ah…the one place i didnt look.

Titanium splined ISIS hub with disk brake fittings is coming soon.
:slight_smile: Joe (the Hub) emailed me to say they have almost got it done.

What fun… a new top end hub.


sounds great, how much is likely to cost? and how strong it it like ly to be compared to cromo? also does ISIS mean it’ll be like other splined hubs available or a different kind of splinage altogether?


Cost, I have only hints at, but not cheap. Strength will be top end! ISIS is the new standard spline system, it is the best design but also one of the hardest to manufacture.
Joe I think was coming to Snowden and is bringing the first off so you may see it then. :slight_smile:

ISIS is a spline design that is in the public domain. That means that anyone is able to use that spline design for their cranks and hub without having to pay money to Shimano or Profile or some other company to license a proprietary spline design.

See isisdrive.com for more info about the spline design. The design was developed by RaceFace, TruVativ, and some other companies as a way to compete against companies like Shimano who were developing their own proprietary spline designs.

The ISIS design uses a tapered spline and a stop on the spindle so the cranks only slide on the spindle so far. This is different from the Profile, Onza, and KH design where the splines are not tapered and cranks squeeze against spacers on the hub to get tight.

This sounds even better. It might lower the prices of cranks a bit if you could get them from anywhere. I had a little looksee over that ISIS page and at the CAD drawings. I almost jumped out of my pants when I noticed that it was 10 spline. Qu-Ax is also 10 spline but when I looked closer Qu-Ax was a bit different. :frowning:
I really like the idea of all the hubs and cranks to be compatible together.

Did anything come of this idea? I’m interested in knowing if the idea worked out, did it go the way of the “hunter” unicycle?

What do you mean about the Hunter unicycle? Hunter is still making them; I have one in production right now, and there were a number on the Laos tour.

See his website.