Titanium frame...


I caught cold and was sleeping three days .
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The reply which was late…

>Wow! And it looks like black seats on those unicycles?
>John Foss

The color of the saddle of that photograph is not black but gray.
It could make, supposing many people desire a black saddle.

>How much for a titanium 20" with black seat?

A titanium 20" with [gray] seat is …
@titanium frame = 24800yen
@gray seat = 3600yen
about 210 US$

mys shop online president Masuda said.

I was tried titanium frame, it is very light weight.
and strong. I like it. I was able to jump in 67cm.
I think so, this titanium frame may be can use for racing and Muni.

I got high quality bearing and pedals . now I’m testing .