Titanium frame... dan heaton, zack baldwin

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i am curious where i can buy that titanium frame that dan and zack use in universe 2 and defect. In valladolid, i don’t able to buy many strong stuff. I have broken Koxx devil frame in 6 months and my brother already has KH07 so i don’t wanna get same as him, as i can ride it too.

I break frames lots, so the ti frame looks strong. I hear that the ti frame is a custom model by dan heaton’s friend who makes titanium bicycle frame. Can anyone give me contact detail for dan heaton because he does not reply to his skyoproduction email or even the company name or contact detail for his friend who make the ti unicycle frame?

thank very much
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I do not think a titanium frame would be strong because titianium is a bad metal for unicycles, because it bends easily.

you are somewhat correct bending really dosent make it weaker just more flexiable, But steel is still the strongest!!! Period no questions asked, It may not be the best but is stronger! If you are breaking frames get Steel.

Titanium is the same strength as steel, just half as stiff. And a flexing frame wouldnt really matter on a uni.

Equal weight in Titanium will be MUCH stronger than steel.

For trials, flex doesn’t matter, no, as we don’t have brake mounts.

However, I was never sure if Ti was actually the same strength as steel…
Are you talking about 4130 chromoly to be specific, Evan?

There are other steel alloys that could be interesting to use for unicycle frames, such as the Reynolds series. (853 and 725)

could titanium be made into a rigid aloy?

My knowlage on these types of things is very low, Though I do belive that all steels have the same strength? (or maybe the same stiffness…Help bevan!!!)

What kind of steel are koxx frames made of?

Goodness no, else why would you pay for expensive steels when you could use mild?

For the record:

strength: 240-370 MPa
stiffness: 120 GPa
density: 4.5 kg/dm^3

Mild Steel
strength: 400-500 MPa
stiffness: 210 GPS
density: 7.85 kg/dm^3

Sorry I don’t have data for CrMo within arm’s reach.

i believe that isaac le masters has the titanium frame that you speak of, and he is living here in australia. but he might have sold it to someone else recently.

thank you very much

can you give me isaac’s email so i can email him about it? thank you

i sent you a PM with his email.

Within reach? you just ruined my self fed illusion; that Kington99 was all knowing. i thought that stuff just came out of your head, now i know! it was researched…


Oh goodness no, i have a little book (well it’s 180 A4 pages) called Howatson Lund and Todd which is the stock data book for taking in to exams. Having said that i have the standard data for steel (460 MPa and 200 GPa) in my head constantly.

you are still mighty clever in my eye. ‘little’ book or no ‘little’ book :slight_smile:

Every good engineer should refer to databooks for materials data and formulae, amongst other things. Stops us from inadvertantly killing people.


Loosemoose, words cannot describe how worn out that phrase got in my engineering class last semester.

That titanium frame cracked twice during Zack and Dan’s use of it. It’s not particularly strong. Go buy a freakin’ steel KH frame and quit whining.

Do a search of my previous posts if you care about learning something about the difference between aluminum, steel, and titanium. Even better, look at an engineering text or a frame design website (not a manufacturer site, since they are trying to sell you stuff). Either way, let me give you a hint on how not to learn about engineering unicycle frames: If it is a 2 line post by some 13-year old who’s never read a textbook or worked the metal, chances it’s worthless. Or if the post includes “Period no questions asked”, that is a tip off that the poster doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

The differences between the different alloys of steel are minimal. We’re talking a variance of about 3-8% in strength. In other words, you won’t notice the difference between stainless steel, 4130, and plain old mild steel. More important is the quality of the metal and the quality of the workmanship constructing the frame.

I’d have to disagree there gerble.
the strongest steel I know of (for use in bicycles) is either the reynolds 953, or the true temper S3 tubesets. They have claimed strengths of 1750-2050 MPa. This would make the difference much much higher than 3-8 %. closer to around 600%

However, i do agree that the builder makes a huge difference.

I really want to see someone get a frame made of 953. I think it could be brought down to 300-400 grams.

Oh, and as for the frame, It was custom built for Dan, and has cracked a few times. This wasn’t due to the material IMO, but instead due to poor upkeep, and a lack of keeping the lolipop bearing holders tight. Had it been built with main-cap bearing holders, i doubt it would have cracked, but it is very expensive to machine Ti, so they just bolted the steel lolipops on there.


Interesting, but would you happen to know much about Reynolds 725 Ryan? It’s because there’s a custom biketrials frame maker based in Britain who works with 725, and perhaps, if they’re interested they could produce some uni frames with that material based around a simple yet strong design (e.g. KH07).

Reynolds 853 is expensive enough in the BMX world, I wonder how much 953 could cost… Still cheaper than titanium alloys I assume?

I agree that reynolds 953 should be the best material. I think that they build some in England but they stop as I know. A friend of mine has one that seems to be made from reynolds steel. Its awesome light and very strong. It is a freestyle frame but has no probs while trialing with it.
The only question is how to get a frame made of reynolds steel :slight_smile:

by the way, miyata sell a Ti frame.

Can you post the adress of the custom bike frame maker ?