Titanium Custom Trials Frame

Here we have quite a unique frame. This is a one-off, custom titanium trials frame made that was made for Dan Heaton years ago. Some may recognise it best with a red rim, that was ridden in Defect.

The main frame weighs 457 grams.
With the bearing holders and bolts attached, it comes to 603g.
You could get some Alu holders custom made which would drop the total weight below the short necked KH20 even.

Neck length: 28cm

Because it’s titanium, it can be rewelded without needing heat treatment. You could potentially make this last a lifetime.

Asking £100 posted anywhere in the UK or Europe. If you live beyond these zones then PM me and I’ll send you the shipping options.

If you have any questions about the frame then feel free to ask me anything. I’d be happy to answer any questions you might have.

I thought you wanted to keep it in your room forever?! I dont need this… but I do want it… What size seatpost does it take?

I will buy it definitely if Mr Flangeberry doesn’t want it

Times change. Been forgotten for years as new hobbies + life took over!

Sold to Jakob. Enjoy it dude :wink: