I was wondering what makes a freestyle tire better than a thicker fat tire? is there anything better about them? or should i just use my muni for freestyle and save myself alot of money.

the difference is weight…the tire on your norco muni is a lot heavier than a freestyle tire… but yes you can adapt to doing freestyle on your muni…

p.s. for clarification only the norco muni is more of a trials than anything minus the splined hub it would have.

i think a skinnier freestyle tire is better because it can whip around easier adn turn alot easier and better. A thick tire is mushy and takes more to turn and whip around. But i think you should just keep ur Muni because i use my Muni for absolutley everything and it is great!

The high pressure narrow tires (see - primo ‘the wall’) are for doing tight turns and spins. They also offer very little rolling resistance and look cool. :stuck_out_tongue:

If my MUni (duro wildlife) is a tractor, then my freestyle (primo ‘the wall’ 1.85) is a panther. I’m also quite used to the high pressure tire by now, and god knows I could never do a pirouette on my muni.

Quite ironic, when its full name is the Duro Wildlife Leopard.