on Darrens site i saw:

26"x2.65" ninja DH black for: 21.00$
and 26"x3" gazzaloddi DH for :100.00$

now this isint completly directed to Darrens site its just there was no pics so i cant see the difference but could someone tell me why its 5x more the price of the other i dont see how a tire can be so expensive. i also looked at but they had pictures so its easier to tell. but it didnt seem like there tires were as far away priced as Darrens. so could someone tell me how some tires can be so much better then others (im not sure how the nobs are for those two tires). im not trying to pick on Darren.

supply vs. demand

:thinking: explain please

remember the thread(s) a while back that said the Gazzaloddi 3 inch wide tires weren’t made anymore? that means they’re like a collectors item, or something, now… so lots of people want them. meaning they’ll pay oober insane prices, like $100, for them.

the gazz is a very well known, great tire. To make the price even higher, the Gazz is out/ going out of production. From what i know, the other tire is probably lower quailty and not as well as known.
why do the value of things go up when they aren’t made anymore? the demand is still there, but there is no supply.

$100.oo Canadian. Its still $60.oo USD at as it was before the going out of business thread deal.

sorry dont remember it my fault :frowning: