I just was writing another message about tires a few days ago but since i
don’t have the capability to create files i’ll have to start from scratch.
I am currently riding a 20" tioga comp pool white tire. There is NO tread
on it since it is made for ramps. It looks beautyful (if i do say so
myself) on my uni but it does have its drawbacks. A major one being the
fact that it plain and simply can’t be ridden inside because any type of
turn where you have to lean the tire and consequently uni flies out from
under you and quite often you land on your ass to put it ion simple terms.
Even idling is far from easy with the tire because there are too many
changes in rolling direction. The tire also makes wheel walking, gliding,
you name it extremely difficult because it takes almost no pressure to melt
the scuffed rubber off. (that’s what happens when you say glide down a hill
fast and find yourself out of control; the tire begins to melt under your
shoe and gliding with a melted tire is rather like trying to sprint on ice,
there’s no or little friction and that’s when gliding crosses the line to
coasting) I think the problem with the comp ramp is that the rubber used is
too hard. Most tires have softer rubber which at first is slippery but
after being scuffed up becomes sticky. With the pool tire it doesn’t ever
become scuffed up, or at least it hasn’t yet and i’ve been riding it for a
month outside usually practicing every day. I guess if you don’t plan on
wheel walking or riding inside anytime soon the tire is nice, hell, most
tires like gt’s standard street/ramp model last about a month then there’s
simply no tread left and this one seems to be lasting longer, probably
attribuited to its more plastic like durability. Yes, they’re pricey, about
$15 each but if they’ll last you so long it’s probably worth it. You need
to face the facts though, if you ride a lot, due to the 1:1 ratio of the
tire to pedals you WILL wear through tires like crazy and at $12-$15 each,
it adds up. Geeze, that was all just about 1 tire, i guess i went a little
overboard. One more, er actually two more things; Does anyone out there
have any of the cro-moly shaft semcycle pedals in reasonable condition that
they want to get rid of? (the old ones, not the ones sem sends now. Heres a
test: the old ones have 2 crossbars, the new ones have 3) Also, is it just
me or did miyata change axles midway through their last run that came to
the us? (93 or 94, i cant remember anymore) I have a new axle now but the
name on it is not SUZUE, its N+K or something like that. I need sleep,

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