Tires, tubes, cranks, seat parts, seatposts, misc

I have been going through my old stuff and since I don’t have a shop to store everything in I think it’s time for a “inventory reduction” Prices are quite flexible, especially if you want a bunch of stuff. Trades are welcome, I put a list of things I want to get but I’m open to other interesting offers.

Save 30% if paying in USD :stuck_out_tongue:

First I will start with the tires:

New 29" Schwalbe Racing Ralph 2.4 Evo - $40

New 26x4 Origin8 Devest8or heavy - $25

Nearly new Origin8 Devest8or 98%, also from the first heavy batch. - $25

Used 19" Luna 90% studded for winter use, does not crack in the cold like other trials tires - make me an offer

Good 26x3 Nokian Gazzaloddi 70% oversize, won’t fit in a KH frame, but AWSM downhill tire - make me an offer but I might hold onto this one

Nearly new 36" Nightrider, I used it less than 100 km, I prefer my old cut TA. - $75

I also have tubes I will never use:

26 and 24" Nokian downhill tubes with PRESTA VALVES, bought them online thinking they had schrader valves, great tubes that give mid-fat (2.6-3.0) great support and change the feel of the tire. - Make me an offer

A couple 20" thornproof tubes, heavy, not suitable for wide tires. - Free for anyone who wants them.


I have a 32h 80mm GFS built up on a 48h Nimbus 48h 100mm hub with a 26x3.8 Larry that I am not using, the plan was to re-build it onto a wide hub, but I might be dusting off the X-country skis instead… make me an offer

I also have an oldschool Onza/KH hub complete with bearings and spacers, free for anyone who has cranks for it.


I have a variety of FUNN cranks, I will probably keep them but if you have something to trade I would consider it. I would have to check but I think they are 140, 145 and 155mm

Machined out super light KH moment dual hole 150/125 cranks - $50
New Sinz cranks, 150mm - $10

Seat parts and posts: no prices for this section, just make an offer

27.2 KH Aluminum with forged head, cut
25.4 Chromed Steel, cut short
25.4 KH Aluminum with micro-adjust rail head, cut
25.4 Chromed Steel, knurled, uncut
22.2 Chromed Steel, uncut

31.8mm KH seatpost clamp

Seat pieces - great if you want to experiment in flattening bases
4x KH / Vello bases, no bolts
Blue, Orange and Black KH covers
4x various front bumpers
4x back bumpers
KH external stiffener plate
2x brake handle mounts, one newish, other kind of ugly but functional.

I found more since taking the pic

I also have two unicycles that would be great for learners, one 20 and one 20 with shaved 19" wheel, I need to put a seat together (with even more pieces) before posting them up but let me know if you are interested.

For anyone looking at trades I would be interested in:

a long pivotal seatpost
a straight T-bar or Shadow handle extension
137/110 spirit cranks
worn out or wrecked 36" tire with good beads
26+ or 29+ tires
31.8mm quick release
good plastic pedals with metal pins (not KH, Nimbus)
disk brakes
whatever else you think I might find interesting…











The two learner unicycles:

Fairly comparable to a Nimbus, 48 spoke ISIS wheel re-built with 24 spokes. I think I will keep it.

All the pieces to make a budget trials or flatland thing with smooth tire, square taper with DX32 rim, Nimbus II frame, 300mm 25.4 post. Needs 4 bolts for saddle.

The Moments are gone

interested in the kh 125/150 cranks super light. please send me a email to


The following have been sold



125/150 KH Moments

Sinz cranks

1x saddle base

Budget Trials/flat unicycle

Still available

29x2.4 RR

2x 26x4 Devest8ors

26x3 Gazzaloddi


Fat Wheel (with or without Echo 160mm cranks)

KH Onza hub

FUNN cranks

3x Saddle bases

2x Saddle covers (Blue, Orange)

3x each Front and rear bumpers, plus one KH grab handle

2x brake mounts

Stiffener Plate

KH seatpost clamp

I have had a few people ask for single small value items then balk when I told them shipping cost.

If I can fit it in a envelope I can probably send it cheaper but a half kilo (one pound) small packet will cost about $10, which kind of negates any savings when buying a brake mount for $5.

Shipping costs suck but they are a reality we all have to deal with. For anyone who wants to check estimated shipping costs you can use the Canada Post rate calculator. Weight is more important than size but I always pack things as compactly as possible.

I can take a brake mount.