Tires other than Endomorph with Large Marge

Hello folks,

It has been a while since I posted here, but I now have a question that I would really appreciate feedback about.

I just acquired a Triton triple frame that is ideal for use with the Surly Large Marge rim.


What is the smallest tire that can be used with the Large Marge if I want to use something a bit more modest than the 4" Endomorph?

I am aware that many have suggested the Nokian Gazzalodi 26 x 3" but as far as I am aware that is no longer available.

Will a Schwalbe Big Apple 26 x 2.35" be too small for this rim? I would like to use a slick once in a while for road riding.

I note that Surly’s own description of the rim on their web site says something about needing to use a 2.3 or smaller when running the rim on a Pugsley with V brakes or cantilevers, for what it is worth.

Thanks for any ideas!


I think someones used a 2.5 Hookworm on the Large Marge rim.

I highly recommend the Large Marge/2.5 hookworm combination for casual road riding and cruising.

I will say that 2.5" tires will work well with the Large Marge, but I’ve never tried anything smaller.

What about Duro or the New Surly Larry tire??

Arrow/Duro 26 x 3.0" handles nicely on road with a good curved tread profile - the sides are wide enough to keep the rim from getting dinged and the arrow does great off road. . . . . That said, the Surly Larry is now out and getting pretty good reviews by bikers. Anyone tried one on a Large Marge rim yet??


How’s about

Boa-G 26x3.45 super fat slicks

Had the 24" version mounted on large marge rims on my surly 1x1. They really measure closer to 3"

I have the 24 on my uni currently, but I’m still learning to ride.

Thanks for the suggestions.

Thanks for all the suggestions and food for thought. / germany has 26 gazza’s in stock.