Tires and brakes for KH24

As i await the restocking of the kh24s on with great anticipation, I im trying to decide a few things about what i want on my muni. First of all, do i go with the standard duro wildlife leopard, or do i upgrade to the gazzaloddi? Is the gazz worth the extra 50 bucks? what do i gain from it? I am also looking at hydrolic brakes. Is the Magura HS33 my only option? or are there other hydro brakes that would be compatible with the brake bosses? Anything else i need to take into consideration? This will be my first muni purchase and i want it to last me quite a while.

Thanks in advance for any input!!!

Re: Tires and brakes for KH24

Get both. The “upgrade” costs $55 but for $4 more ($59) you can order the GAZZ 24x3 seperately and then you’ll have a spare should you need it.

I have limited experience with the Gazz. I’ve spent all of about 5 minutes on a 26x3. Nevertheless, my KH24 that should be here on Friday is going to be running the ever popular nokian tire.


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Where did u get it???

I’d like to say that Kris sent it to me. But, I’d be lying. He sent it to Darren who sent it to me. Apparently it is what the 2004 models will be based on. Darren had originally planned on having it on display at the upcoming bike show but graciously sold it to me instead.

With all the negative comments about the state of unicycle retailers I’d like to mention that both Bedford Unicycles and have filled a niche that for many years was devoid of ANY service. We should all be grateful that high-quality low cost equipment is readily available.

I have personally never had any problem with and, although this is the first item I’ve bought from Darren, I spoke with him on the phone for some time and felt very reassured that I should not expect any problems.

Strange though that Darren would only accept a postal money order (well he preferred that over a personal check). The post office has a limit of $700 for money orders to Canada. Because my total was just over $700 I had to purchase two. No big deal though.

@Darren, you should consider getting a PayPal (or similar) account. It’s very convenient for both you and your customers.


Get the Wildlife Leopard tire with the KH muni. It’s almost a freebie with the muni. Then join us on a Seattle area muni ride where you can try out a Gazz tire. If you decide that you like the Gazz after giving it a try then you can order one.

I rode with the Duro for about a month and then switched, the main difference for me is that I stare at the Gazz a lot more while riding… :stuck_out_tongue: They’re both excellent tyres though.

The Duro and Gazz are good in different ways.

If you are an all-around rider, the Duro may be the best way to go, especially as it comes standard on the KH24. It’s slightly lighter and has a rounder profile that’s arguably better for all-around use, especially cornering. The Gazz is stiffer and has a flatter profile that may be better for riding narrow stuff because you can ride practically off the edge off a beam, with only a couple of mm of tread sticking, and still stay on. It’s probably a better tire for hardcore downhill.

So I’d say that if all you do is technical downhill, the Gazz may be better, but in general the Duro is a good choice.

Kris Holm

So which of them has better hops?

The Duro is slightly better because it’s a bit lighter.


Yes. I just ordered a MUni from him, and suggested credit card processing, but keep in mind that extra fees are charged for paypal (and credit cards). I too used the pink money orders - and I figure the cost of the extra money order was less than what paypal would have charged.

off-topic, but on tangent

paypal is free for both buyer and seller if the buyer is just using funds from his checking account. there maybe a lag time (3 or 4 business days) before the money clears and arrives in the sellers account. but the lag time can be eliminated if the buyer has in his paypal account a credit card which is used as a backup to the checking account.

paypal is great.


Re: off-topic, but on tangent

Actually, many people disagree. I think paypal is OK because I have not had a bad experience with them yet, HOWEVER I quickly reached the spending limit with them - and do not wish to give them my BANKING information - so now they are useless to me.

Further, amoung other sites, here are some more details about paypal for your consideration:

I ordered my KH24 with the Duro and got the Gazz at the same time. I’m riding the Duro at present and will be changing over to the Gazz soon. I figured I’d try the Duro and get used to the MUni and then switch to the Gazz so I could compare the preformance of each.

The price of the Gazz upgrade is so close to the cost of a Gazz alone, I just had to buy both. It’s almost like the Duro is free.

I have been very happy with the Duro. I’m curious to see if I end up being a Gazz fan like so many of the others.


I’m guessing that you’ve tried both John; Which tire do you prefer?

I actually have not tried them both. I haven’t tried any other 3" tire other than the Gazz.

I should try some other tires but I’m rather lazy. The Gazz works great for me. I do almost all of my riding with the Gazz on dirt and the Gazz loves dirt. The Gazz tracks well meaning it goes where you point it.

I should try Bill’s Duro tire just to see what a different tire is like. I also have a IRC Kujo 3" tire in my storage closet that I haven’t gotten around to trying. My only excuse is that I’m lazy and very happy with the Gazz.