Tireheel idle?

I’ve been workin on a new trick. I haven’t seen it done before, but I’m sure it has been. It’s an idle done entirely by putting your heel on the tire and pulling and then pushing. Right now I’m practicing it with my front AND back foot (koosh koosh position, back foot behind frame) but I’m confident that it could be done with only one foot. Can anyone do this or know what it’s called?




something like thaT?

been working on that exact trick, DSchmitt, I think he means an actual idle, that looks more like a stall to me. . . which is harder O.o

anywho, yea, I’ve tried with front and back foot, and it’s becoming easier, you have to find a good balance between front and back foot placement, and go back and forth as wide as you can in one swoop, to do this your feet have to be pretty far apart on the front and back. Using only 1 foot would give you a wider range I think, but you wouldn’t have that extra point to stay stable with.

It’s tough though, I haven’t made much progress. I have definitely seen it in a video, but can’t remember which one. I’m using a 20" freestyle wheel.

Yup, been done but it’s uncommon so it’s interesting for people to see. DSchmitt’s version was more of a stillstand, but not quite a stillstand; definitely harder than idling. Also it’s definitely harder to do it with the foot in back than in front (especially with a low seat).

It looks really cool if you can run it from your leg fully extended (heel as far forward/down as you can reach) to fully retracted (heel against the frame). Of course hitting either of those limits must be done carefully, as there’s no extra correction available from there…

Theres video of it at 0:26 in this video



The Sam Goodburn video is impressive. Although I have been unicycling for a while and can do a few simple tricks, basically everything in the video is still beyond me.