Tired of chrome, need a colour

Hey, i’ve got this uni: (except the rim and seat is blue, not red)

and am over the chrome finish on the frame. i want to paint it a new colour but i’m not sure which one will suit the blue parts and look really cool. (i suck bad at art and colouring in and stuff). i’ve worked out i probably need to get it powder coated, but how bad is it if i do it myself with spray paint and whats not? is the difference in qualitiy worth the cost saving? i’m open to all suggestions. thanks

try to find a blue the color of your rim and seat. I think that whould look pretty good. as for the painting stuff i can’t help


You can see what how the unicycle will look with different colours here:


Appreciation needed!

thats quite a nifty feature you’ve got there.

i think it would be much better if you could colour the bit of the seat cover at the back though.

i like it, cool idea good execution.

what do you guys think of white uni’s.

i’m thinking of painting it house paint white colour.

no paint it orange because it is the oppiste of blue, oppisit coulors always look god togethr, red/green orange/blue yellow/purpule you get the idea :sunglasses:

Re: Tired of chrome, need a colour

“iridemymuni” wrote in message …

> what do you guys think of white uni’s.

White looks good. Go for a blue seat post clamp and blue pedals, and
it’ll look great. Maybe even a pair of Bedford flame stickers going up
the side too!

> i’m thinking of painting it house paint white colour.

House paint is a really bad idea. It’ll look crap, will be hard to do,
and won’t last long. Get yourself down to your local car spares shop
and get a can of car spray paint, and primer.


yeh i think i’ll go with white, white usually looks good.

can i paint straight onto the chrome, or will i have to take off the stuff first? i’ll give it a few coats of white, after one of primer, then i’ll hit it with some clear coat a few times.

Make sure you sand the chrome stuff off first…I made the mistake of leaving it on and now my paint looks like s**t

The chrome has to come off, the surface needs to be roughed up with sand paper so the paint can bite. Any canned spray paint won’t stick very well, two part(epoxy type) auto paint would be best AFTER a self etching primer. You must clean the surface really well before each coat, lacquer thinner works, but special cleaners are made for this. I have restored a car so have a bit of paint knowledge. You could put several coats of clear over the color for protection. On the plus side, a Muni should look banged up anyway!!


Pink, the only choice for a real man’s unicycle.

paint the frameBLACK!!!It will look really good with the blue seat and blue rim. also, do the seatclamp blue.

i think i’ll go for a white, black and pink colour, like in stripes or something like that.

how do i get the chrome off? vigorous (sp?) sanding?

A drill mounted wire brush will do the trick.

Powder coating is by far the best way to go; they will “powder blast” it to remove the chrome, but it wont “pit” the metal. The result will be a professional, high quality finish that will hold up well. I had two unis p coated and was very pleased. The cost is not that much either.

I have a black frame i want to paint with canned spray paint.
Do I need to sandpaper the frame or can I just spray a primer over the black and then the colour???

Peter M

The easiest way is to sand blast it off like ur supposed to. Hmm…if u dont have a sand blaster u could take it down to a car body shop and have them take a minute to blast it off.

Another long long long way of doing it is to sand paper it, or wire brush/wire wheel it off. Trust me this will take many hours! I wire wheeled my cranks off and it took about an hour and a half for each crank!

I remember that at moab. how did yous top them from rusting?

i didn’t! they rust like crazy! because its just the metal. i just buff them and wire wheel them every now and then to keep them rust free. One day they will probably break from being so thin.