how strong should my tire be filed with air

is it for muni? trials? freestyle? commuting?

Fill your tire to your liking with enough air that the rim doesn’t bottom out for whatever you do, but don’t fill it too much past the max pressure that should be marked on the tire.

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total uni wrote:
> is it for muni? trials? freestyle? commuting?
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i am a beginner i have 20’ uni and only trick i do for now is trying to
go for unofficial 3 level ( i have uni for 3 weeks )

If you aren’t going off road or hopping, I would fill the tire up to the max pressure printed on the tire. If it’s too hard of a ride, let some air out. Generally, it’s easier to ride a well inflated tire.

I have 4.5 BAR in my 20*1.75" studded nokian x-trak. :smiley: