Tire Wear

I was just wondering how big a deal it is to ride off-road tires on the road. How much extra wear does that cause? I just thought my uni would be a good way to get around campus.

Is this a good or a bad idea?

If it helps, I’ve got the KH Freeride

well, it wears it down. I coan’t give you an average amount or anything, but I think my brother’s gazz lasted about 4 months. However, this is with a paper route every single day, which involves tire wearin turns, as well as a lot of street/trials riding. I would say to go for it. It won’t wear out instantly, and the wildlife leapord that comes on a freeride is a pretty cheap tire. if you have to, you could keep a bald one and switch tires when you go MUni riding.

I have a freeride and do urban trails/getting around short distances on it
and the duro tire is WORN
i’ve had it for a few months, and it wore within 2-3
it still works offroad, just not quite as grippy
it helps to rotate the tire so the spot under your jumping position doesn’t wear unevenly
also, avoid pivoting/tight turns, that’s what wears tires fastest in my view

Takes at least a full year to wear a Duro or Gaz out on the trails unless they are super rocky. However the road eats those tires alive, especially at low pressure. Quick turns, where the rubber is getting grated off the tarmac, is what does the most damage.
If I get 4 months out of a Duro (my tire of choice) I fell I’m lucky.