Tire/Tyre Questions

Rick Plavnicky <plav@shell.portal.com> writes:

> Tom Miller of the Unicycle Factory has quite a few of those great looking
> blue-with-whitewall tires that my Schwinn 24-inch came with. Couldn’t find 'em
> anywhere else.

I use these exclusively on my 24" unis. You can't find them anywhere else
because Tom got the people who make them (Kenda) to do a run of 500 with
the blue colored rubber. He still has hundreds left and would really like
to sell them. They are great for indoor riding since they don't leave marks
on the floor. Ok for the street but they wear rather quickly due to the
soft rubber.

But if you can stand NOT having a blue tire, then look for black rubber
Kenda 24 by 1.75" tires. They're not excellent but they are good enough and
the price is right. They wear less quickly than the blue ones but about as
quickly as any comparable quality tire

 Where do you find them? Don't bother asking at the franchised "roadie/

racer" type of bike stores, they’ll just give you that look. Try Cyclopedia,
a great mail order source for all kinds of tires and other neat bicycle stuff.