Tire tube vs air pillow for airseat conversion

Which is better? have you tried both? is it worth paying more money for the pillow offered on unicycle.com or is a regular tire tube just as good?

ive used both and i can say that the 12" tube with the foam on top holds its shape better and is less of a floppy mess than the 20" tube with the dog bone looking air pillow.

i also feel like i have more control over the unicycle since the connection is closer and more firm.with a folded over tube and air pillow i felt like i was just floating over the uni and there was a slight body/uni delay when turning so to speck.

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For an air saddle, you must use an inner tube (obv) but the air pillow is optional.
All it is, is a case to put the tube in to keep its shape. I have used one air pillow on my Muni, but just used an old (but clean) sock on my trials.


I’ve tried several styles of air seats from a single layered tube in a Miyata with no pillow, the double thick dogbone under a Roach cover, a single layered pillow, and finally a single layered pillow with foam on top all under a Roach cover.

The single layer seats were too bouncy for me. It also gave me the feeling of being too disconnected from the unicycle, like the unicycle was floating under me. I also didn’t like the way that when you sat on the back of the saddle the front would bulge up. It just didn’t work for me.

Then I tried the doubled over dogbone style air pillow. That had all of the undesirable features of the single layered air seat, only more so.

Then I evolved to a single layer air pillow with foam on top. The foam deadens the bouncy feeling, helps the seat keep its shape, and gives a firmer connection to the unicycle. My airseat design is in my Airseat Gallery.

The purpose of the air pillow is to protect the tube from any sharp bits in the seat, keep the tube from bulging out on the sides (what I call a seat hernia), keep the tube from bulging up too much in front, and keep the tube in place.

Something I haven’t tried is cutting one of the dogbone pillows in half, sewing up the open end, and turning the dogbone into a single layered air pillow. I think that would work, and would be easier than trying to make your own pillow from scratch.

The final design of the seat will depend on what type of unicycle it is going on. A Coker seat will usually be a little different than a muni seat, which will usually be a little different than a trials seat, which will usually be a little different than a freestyle seat.

Some sort of air pillow is the way to go. But everyone is different, and what is a perfect seat for one person could be a miserable seat for another person. Go with what works for you.

i get it now, thanks for the advice. i should be riding on air in a couple months (when i finally get around to making an airseat)