Tire trouble

Hey i just got a new 20" trials tire and i cant get my old one off!! i have changed freestyle ones b4, and bike ones but this one is a tuffy!! how do i do it?? and sugestions?? and any tips??

Put lots of WD40 on the bead. Trials tires can be hard to take off, especially off an alex rim.

yeah i have the alex rim lol do u think i should just bring it to the LBS and get them to change it for 10$CDN??

Are you using tire levers? If not, get some. I have used metal ones and plastic ones and I like the metal ones better because i have snapped like 3 plastic ones. The metal ones can scratch up your rim. If you really can’t do it yourself and noone else can help you then I guess you can take it to a LBS.

Re: Tire trouble

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> Hey i just got a new 20" trials tire and i cant get my old one off!! i
> have changed freestyle ones b4, and bike ones but this one is a tuffy!!
> how do i do it?? and sugestions?? and any tips??

Some tyre / rim combinations are hard work. The smaller the rim, the
more likely it is that you find a combination that’s difficult.

To take off - use three tyre levers and some detergent (washing up

Let all the air out.

Somewhere, push one side of the tyre inwards so you can see a gap
between the edge of the tyre and the rim. Work your way right round
the tyre making sure it gets pushed away from the rim everywhere.
Some tyres have a very tight fit between bead and rim - this breaks
the seal if you have one of those combinations.

Then start opposite the valve. Push the tyre away from the edge of
the rim and inwards and down to the bottom of the rim (ie, push the
edge of the tyre towards where the end of the spokes must be in the
rim). Work outwards from your starting point round both sides
simultaneously towards the valve. You’re trying to move the bead
(the thickened bit at the edge of the tyre) into the centre of the
rim, and shift whatever slack that results towards the valve.

At this point, a small amount of detergent can be used to lubricate
the edge of the tyre. Don’t use an oil / petroleum based product.

Then start a little way from the valve, insert one tyre lever in and
prise the tyre back and out. If you have the sort of lever that have
a definite hook at one end, hook it to a spoke. Try and get another
lever alongside (away from the valve) and prise it over. If you can,
hook that to a spoke, then put the third in (again, away from the
valve) and prise. Then take the middle out and carry on working

If you can’t get a second lever in, resort to plan B, which has more
potential excitement.

Put the first lever in and prise the bead over the edge of the rim.
Release the first lever slowly and carefully, just far enough 'till
you can get a second in alongside, and lever with both simultaneously.
Then, leave the first hooked to the spoke, release the second
partially and insert a third, and work your way round like this. If
necessary, each lever goes in touching the one before, so you’re only
moving round by the width of your levers each time.

Beware of letting go and catapulting tyre levers into your face.
Beware of levers snapping - don’t get your face too close when you’re
leaning hard on levers.

If it was hard work getting off, it might be worse getting on. The
first side should be OK. Then insert the tube and inflate very
slightly - just enough so that the innertube is rounded, but not so
much that there’s any discernible pressure. Lubricate the edge of
the tyre with detergent.

Start opposite the valve, work the tyre over the rim and push it to
the middle (ie, tight to where the spokes end. Work round both sides
simultaneously towards the valve. If you reach the point where you
can’t get any more bead over the rim, go back to the starting point
and push the tyre in towards the spokes and pull it round towards
where you’re stuck.

Cursing helps.

When you get to the valve, get the tyre over the edge of the rim,
then push the valve in as far as you can and pull it out again.

Don’t use levers to put the tyre back on unless it’s absolutely
impossible without.

Once it’s on, wiggle it a bit to redistribute the slack, pump it up
hard, let it down and pump it up to the pressure you want. Check the
bead seems to have seated evenly all round. Let it down and wiggle a
bit if it hasn’t.

regards, Ian SMith

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oh thanks i got the new tire on… THANK YOU!! and baught 3 levers… thanks