Tire to pedals off drops?

I just did a 90 degree unispin from tyre to pedals off a curb. Has anybody done these off drops or down stairs? Anybody done 270 unispins from tire to pedals off drops? Maybe you could sideways wheelwalk fast to a 90 unispin off a drop or down stairs. :roll_eyes:

josh (one_whell_natural) has done tyre to pedal on a conrete pillar thing and 180’d off

I think you misunderstood what luke was saying jake.

Josh just dropped down from the crate, onto his crank and then 180’d out of it. Keeping his feet on the pedals the whole time.

Ed - i like your signature too, jake

I thought about that, but never acctually tried it. Yet.

in one of my movies i go from pedals to tire, then when on the tire i jump down stairs then when i get to the bottom of the stairs i land back on my pedals…

i cant do a 270 to pedal, but i can do a 90…and i do that off of drops pretty often.