Tire swapping

I changed a tire and man its like changeing my dirtbike tire! Is there any easy way to get the tire off without ruining the tube or tire? I got it off but it was a bugger! I had like 3 clothes pin in there, and a bunch of screw drivers trying to pry the tire off. Soon it started to come, but dang!! What do you guys use to take a tire off? Tell an easy way(the whole process). I dont want to buy no “tire taker-outer tools” either.

Thats too bad because tire levers are very cheap at your local LBS and work wonders. Not to mention it is what most everyone uses.

Yeah, just buy some tire levers and spray a whole bunch of wd40 on the bead. I think it is easier to do when its warmer outside too.

Man, I have no problems taking off tires. I don’t even own a tire tool. I use my fingers only.

Well… I have some trouble getting my muni tire off, but on my trials I can get it on and off easily with my bare hands…

Soap on the bead works too…

Well thats cool, if I ride with you at Moab then I don’t have to bring tire levers incase my tube explodes :smiley:

how in the worl do you do that? i can do it sometimes for my mtn bike, but never on the unis. seriously 3 tire levels and a little work should get on or off any tire.

Well, on my muni, its a 2.6 Kenda Kinetics, I’ve never changed any 3" tire. And on my trials, I’ve taken off and put on both a Luna and a Maxxis, but the Qu-Ax rim is sorta Narrow, so I guess those reasons can explain it…

usually I do use something to pry the muni tire off I think…

I have never used a tool to take off a tire either. I guess we just kick a little more butt than everyone else.

Some tire and rim combinations are harder than other. Some I pry off with fingers only, sometimes easily, sometimes with a little effort. My son has a wheel on his race bike that has tall sides, this makes getting tires on it a real bear. I snapped all my plastic tire levers, and took ot to the bike shop and he even had a hard time with it.

Anyway… tire levers are cheap and make it so much easier for tighter tires. Also, I always use baby powder to ‘lube’ as it’s non greasy (important on bikes where you need to use brakes) Also, some baby powder spread around in the tire between the tube lets the tube slide around more and helps prevent pinched tubes and and bulbs in the tire.