tire size

Does anyone know if the old schwinn s-7 tire in 24inch is bigger or smaller than the modern 24inch size?

Is that the one that is 1 3/4,not 1.75?

isn’t 1 3/4 the same thing as 1.75?

Yes,but the schwinn rims will only fit a 1 3/4 tire,not 1.75.They’re techniclly the same,but the tires are made different sizes,even though there acatully the same.

A 1 3/4 tire will not fit a regular rim,a 1.75 tire will not fit a schwinn rim.

So the more accurate response to this is "in math or common sense, yes. In bike tires, no.

If you have a Schwinn S-7 rim, it also means you’re operating with 28 spokes. Not the strongest setup. If you want better performance rather than a retro look, it’s time to think about upgrading, but this may involve the whole wheel, not just the rim.

tire size

It’s the 1 3/4 size.Is it bigger than a modern 24in. tire?I dont have a new 24inch to compare. Next to my 26 inch uni wheel the old schwinn wheel is almost as big!

I can’t remember if it’s bigger or smaller, but one tire definitely will not fit the other. You could probably find this information at Sheldon Brown’s site or similar, by searching on “Schwinn S-7 rim” or similar.