Tire Rotation

I am noticing a lot of wear on the part of the tire which is down when I mount. I think that I should rotate the tire. The thing is, I have lollipop bearings. :frowning:

What should I do? Should I attempt to rotate the tire without taking it off? If I do take it off, I think that I should probably get the spokes tightened and the wheel trued at the same time. I haven’t done anything with the wheel since I bought the uni. It is a fairly basic Taiwanese cheapo 20".

If you find it easier, you can just rotate your cranks.


Re: Tire Rotation

Just deflate the tire. That should be enough to rotate it on the rim. It should not be necessary to disassemble the wheel.


…but if you end up doing that, be careful that the tube doesn’t rotate with the tyre.

it can’t really
the inflation valve stem should keep it in position, surely?

Well, you can rip the valve off, or cause a leak at the stem. :angry:

Well, on some old wheels the tube can get sort of stuck to the lining of the tyre. I guess it’s noting to worry about.

I tried to rotate my tyre a few years ago and it got stuck on the
lining of the tyre. I had to dismantle my wheel off the frame. Then the tyre using the tyre levers, Then I took the tyre off to free the lining off the tyre. Lucky it didn’t rip. Phew! I’m on Andrew’s side onto this one, but as Andrew said and Myself too if for the older wheels, “I guess it’s nothing to worry about”.

Brian.slater I agree with you on that too.


I coat the inside of the tire and the outside of the tube with talc powder (talc baby powder). The talc keeps the tube from sticking to the inside of the tire.

You’re an ideas man John! I’ll have to try that next time.

Thank you John. I’ll try that myself. If it wasn’t for this site, I’m Stuck of no ideas.


i use corn starch,its cheaper.

Talc in the tire is one of those things that you pick up if you bicycle a lot. I used to be a roadie about 20 years ago and heard that putting talc in the tire might help reduce the frequency of pinch flats. I liked the fact that the tube didn’t stick to the tire, I don’t know if it actually helps prevent pinch flats or not. Since then I’ve always coated the tube and inside of the tire with talc.

Using talc is actually an issue of contention in the cycling community. Some believe in it and other believe it to be useless.

I like it when the tube doesn’t stick to the tire when trying to remove the tube or rotate the tire. I also like how the tube is less likely to twist or kink when putting a new tube in the tire and inflating it for the first time.

Here are some words from the anti-talc crowd:

i used baby powder too,but the kids grew up.

I’d only heard of using talc to help the tyre sit in place on the rim. I know for a fact that that can work really well. For those of you who don’t know, if a tyre isn’t sitting right in the rim you can line the bit that’s in contact with the rim with talc and pump it up to a high pressure. It usually pops into place.

Thanks for the links John.


I don’t think Jobst Brandt has ever had to rotate a unicycle tire on the rim. Otherwise he would change his position on the usefulness/uselessness of talcum powder. :slight_smile: