Tire/Rim combinations

Are there any street tires that would work well on a KH trials rim? My trials tire is getting close to worn out, but since I bought it, i’ve moved towards more street/freestyle riding and don’t want a big grippy tire that will get worn out quickly and not used for what it’s made for.

I did a search and couldnt find anything on the subject

Generally street riders use trials tyres.

19" rims seem to have been developed specifically for trials and so the only tires available are trials tires. You could use a 20" wheel (with the KH flatland rim or another BMX rim) in your trials frame and then be able to choose from lots of BMX tires.

I was hoping to be able to get something along the lines of a Maxxis hookworm rather than another creepy crawler. Especially for things like gliding where a big knobby tire just feels bad.

any recommendations on where i could get a “cheaper” wheelset? so i can just swap them in and out of my frame in case I want to get back into trials – so i don’t have to relace my rim. (I know buying another unicycle is the obviously easier way to go about this whole thing, but i’m trying to avoid that :smiley: )