Tire removal for wheel build

I have a new hub now and am wondering if you must/should take the tire off to rebuild the wheel. Oh and this is a trials uni by the way, with a dx 32 rim.

You couldn’t do it with the tire on, you need to be able to twist the spokesand install the nipples I think. It really isn’t that hard to take off the tire.

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No you must remove the tyre, you need to get to the backs of the nipples to install the new spokes. Also it makes it easy to see how the rim is running, and what adjustments need to be made. It only takes a few mins compared to the several hours you’re giong to spend building the wheel.

of course you do
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ok now that I’m done being a jerk.
technically you DON’T have to if you use the same nipples, but thats dumb too.
pain in the rear
what exactly are you lacing to what?
you will get help with whatever you need if you just ask.

ok in all honstey.
if you cannot take off a tire
you are NOWHERE near being able to build a decent wheel.

please. just take it to your bike shop. it will be worth it. dont be cheep.

I’m assuming you are talking about putting a splined hub onto a Norco trials or Bedford light duty. This would mean you have a luna tire and a DX 32 rim which means it will be a big pain in the ass to get that tire off, not to mention get it off without damaging the rim. I would recommend you get some good PLASTIC tire removal tools. Metal ones will without a doubt damage your rim. Make sure they are good tire tools though otherwise I guarantee they will snap, this is probably the hardest tire/rim combo to disassemble/reassemble so you need something of good quality.

To take the tire off you may actualy want three of them. What I do is deflate the tire, put one tire lever under the bead of the tire and lift it over the sidewall of the rim, then I jam it in there so it won’t move, then I take another tire lever and I do the same thing about 4-6 inches down from the first one. Now take your third if you have one and stick it about 4-6 inches from the second one and do the same, now you will have a loose one in the middle of the two, take that one out and repeat the process until you have the whole side of the tire off. Now do the same thing for the other side of the tire. It isn’t that complicated just takes a bit of elbow grease and time.

If you don’t have three tire levers then once you have both of your tire levers in slide them outwards from eachother if you can, if you can’t then take a strong plastic pen and stick it inbetween the two tire levers then move it next to one of them so that you can take it out and use it a bit further from the pen. Always keep the pen in the middle though as it will be the weakest part and most likely to either break or come out.

Like the others said though, if you can’t/don’t know how to get the tire off I would highly recomend having it built by a bike shop. If you shop around you should be able to get ahold of the right shop that will do it for next to nothing. I get my wheels built for 40 bucks including new spokes, which although it sounds alot is really cheap because they are custom cut spokes. Last time they had to cut about 7 sizes of spokes because my rim is bent a tiny bit. This kind of thing cannot be done at home even if you are a really good wheelbuilder.

Wheelbuilding is a skill, something that takes alot of time to learn and perfect, learn other bike maintenance skills first before you build wheels.

I don’t want to come off as rude, so hopefully you find this helpful.

DX32 rim is such a hassle to get a tire off of…

I would recommend doing it though, it will make the whole re-trueing and everything easier and better.

Interesting that seems to be the consensus, I presume you’re talking about 19" here? I use to have a 24" DX-32 and getting the tyre off was a piece of cake, I guess you have less room to play with on a 19" rim.

What ntappin said about good quality plastic levers, heed his words, I refitted a wheel TA yesterday wth some brand new (but cheap) plastic levers, snapped one and cut my hand open. Finished the job with my trust 30 year old steel levers, but was lucky not to mark the rim.

Yeah, I should of mentioned it was for the 19" rims. :o