Tire Questions...

I was browsing Dans Comp a few minutes ago and came across this:http://www.danscomp.com/444165.php?cat=PARTS
It has to option to order it in 20x2.5

Would this fit a KH rim?

Just curious because sometimes the CC is detailed as ‘20x2.5’ instead of 19x2.5

Nope. This tire is 20", the KH rim is for 19" (mod tires).

As was said it will not fit, and also it only gets as big as 20x2.25.

CCs are often detailed as 20" on bike sites. I believe this is because the front wheel is 20". Because the front tyre isnt used much in trials biking and doesnt need to be as high volume so to make both wheels have the same/similar OD they run 20" rims on the front with lower profile tyres and on the back they run a 19" rim with the higher volume tyre. Obviously because we want the high volume tyre in trials and street we use the back tyre which is 19" so as it has been said it wont fit because it is a tyre for a bmx which run with 20" rims front and back.