Tire question

On my Nimbus X, when I ride in my super smooth garage, I feel the tire bumping. I’ve told you guys before, but I still haven’t found a cure. I decided it might be the tire after what a rogeratunicycledotcom said, so I deflated it and looked at the edge to see if it was bent or bunched up. I found a place in the lip of the tire that fits inside the rim that had a kind of deformed spot where it looked like it had been “pinched” for a long time. It was so used to being that way, I couldn’t seem to bend it back. I reinflated the tire thinking just deflating it might have helped, but it doesn’t look like it did. I’ll deflate it again today and post a pic for you to look at. Any info or ideas would be great!!! Thanks!

Wow, thanks for the great response… C’mon, any ideas? :thinking:

Patience young one. Patience.


I’ve had tires before that were all deforemed and warped from sitting in the sun,they’re hard to get on,but once you put it on and inflate it,the pressure forces the tire back to normal.If yours has already been inflated and used,I guess that wouldnt help any…

Post a pic of the tire,so people could see what is wrong with it.


It’s hard to diagnose things that we cannot see.

It sounds like you are on the right track by deflating the tire and taking a closer look. Keep in mind, if the tire is defective or damaged due to incorrect installation, you have 2 choices. 1) live with the problem or 2) get a new tire.

Since you have access to the tire and the best view, you may have to come up with your own solution to the problem. Sometimes you have to make “educated guesses” and try several different things to see if something works to fix the problem.

If the wire bead is bent, you can probably get it back into shape with a vise grip.