Tire Question

Will a Luna 20 x 2.5 Trials tire fit on my old 20" Schwinn?

I don’t think it will fit in the frame. But even if it does, you would only be able to use it if you are using a 19 inch trials rim. The normal Schwinn comes with a 20 inch bike rim.

Re: Tire Question

The tire will not fit on the Schwinn rim. Even though the Luna says it’s a 20" tire, it is actually a 19" trials tire. It fits on a special 19" rim designed for mod trials bikes. It will not fit on a 20" rim. If you want to use the Luna tire with your Schwin you’ll need to rebuild the wheel with a 19" trials rim like the 19" Alex DX-32 rim.

Is there a decent fattish tire that will fit the Schwinn? Trying to spruce it up for my son.

What size rim does the Schwinn have?
Schwinn used a proprietary rim size on their early unicycles. It was about 20" but not exactly. It won’t fit the 20" tires you’ll find for BMX bikes.

Look on the tire. If it’s an old proprietary Schwinn rim the tire will have a measurement in fractions like 20 3/4 inches. If it is a real 20" rim the tire will have a measurement in decimal like 20.75 inches.

If it is a real 20" rim there are lots of tire options from BMX bikes. If it’s a Schwinn rim there are very few tire choices.

Maxxis Max Daddy 20" x 2.25" or Maxis Holly Roller are good BMX tire options.

(I really want the Onza Sticky Fingers 20"x2.4 Tyre to come available in the US!)