tire question

I dont know how wide of a tire my norco 24" rim/frame can hold. .

Currently i have a 2.0 on the uni and i was thinking of getting a 2.3 but i dont know what it will hold…any ideas.
thx alot, justin

Re: tire question

A 2.3 should fit, as I have a 2.5 on my 20" norco frame. Just take a look and



the problem is that i have to order the tire so if it doesnt fit im screwed

Re: tire question

I do not know about your frame, but as far as the rim/tire combination goes, you can figure out the range of matching tire sizes by referring to the following table:

It’s in German and uses metric sizes [mm], but translation/conversion is straightforward:

Maulweite der Felge = bead width
Reifenbreite = tire width
25.4mm = 1’’
X = good match
small bomb symbol = dangerous
other symbol = increased risk of getting pinch flats

Even more information and a similar table can be found at

This does not answer you question specifically, but I hope it still helps.

Have fun,