tire question


I used the Arrow prime wide for quite a while on my trials uni. These are
the differences, in my opinion, between it and the Gazz 24x3".

-slightly lighter, slightly narrower and slightly less volume -rounder top
profile is better than the Gazz for cornering, especially on pavement. -no
noticeable difference in tread self cleaning or tread wear. -no noticeable
difference in sidewalls. Actually I had a bit of trouble with it shifting
on the rim, causing it to rub on the zero clearance fork that I was using.
-higher volume gazz seemed more stable on rough descents.

All in all I think that this is arguably a better tire than the gazz for
people doing all round cross country, trials and downhill on their MUni,
but the Gazz is still best for hard core downhill.

-Kris. — Uniriders@aol.com wrote:
> hi Kris, it’s mike again I have heard that one of the best tires out
> there is the Arrow prime wide. thicker walls, better self cleaning tread
> properties, truer 3.0 size. I was wondering if there is a better tire
> out there for downhill. because I haven’t seen one. john drummond told
> me that he would have Toby’s frames in about a month. but he isn’t sure
> what he will charge. thanks, Mike

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